Fans adore how each and every song on BTS RM’s debut solo album, Indigo, presents the rapper’s honesty at all points as well as showcases the vulnerability of opening up in a manner that is almost empowering. This is despite the fact that the album features guest appearances from over nine different artists.

Namjoon reveals the following in the first verse of the song Lonely: “In a moment of eternity/ It’s neatly packed her/ I hate this hotel room/ I’m floating alone/ This loud horn/ As wide as the narrowed room/ I’m trapped in myself.”

The lingering feelings of abandonment and attachment remain as RM confesses in the pre-chorus, “I tried a million times to let you go/ So many memories are on the floor/ And now I hate the cities I don’t belong/ Just want to go back home.” [Pre-chorus]

RM becomes more aggressive as he raps the second verse of the song, which goes as follows: “Just the data on the phone and datin’/ Rendezvous with the family every morning/ My Moulin Rouge turning red/ I shot a million stars to let you know/ So many trivial thoughts are on the floor/ And now I hate the buildings/ I don’t even know/ Just want to go back home.”

You can read the lyrics in their entirety right here.

The lyrics to RM’s “All Day” featuring Tablo have caused a stir on Twitter, and the song itself is a banger.

The lyrics to RM’s song “All Day” hit in a different way, and fans can’t get enough of Tablo’s rap, which is the perfect complement to the song.

In the song “All Day,” Namjoon unleashes a barrage of blazing rap verses, including the following: “The commercials, these days are all the same/ For now, enjoy it as I like/ Nice-looking dancers dressed in nice attire There are a greater number of dead bodies outside. It’s just something I do now, and I don’t care about it. You’ve got to admit, those other guys do care more. “In point of fact, the body is nothing; the mind is much more of a problem,” she said before concluding, “If you’re looking for something buried/Honey, you taste it like me.”

RM sings in the chorus in a voice that speaks for everyone else, “I’m diggin’ all day… I’m findin’ real me.. I’m singin’ all-day.”

RM confidently drives the point home in the second verse of the song by rapping, “We gotta fight when they say, “Behave! We got dynamite in our DNA/ Imma be okay, Imma be that way/ ‘ll take care of myself with my eyes wide open/ Haters, close your eyes/ If you don’t want to see my life/ It’s hard to watch a dream with your eyes open/ Ya, feel me?”

You can read the lyrics right here.

The reactions of fans to the lyrics of All Day and Lonely

The release of RM’s Indigo has been anticipated for quite some time, and fans are giving it the attention it deserves. As fans dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of songs like “Lonely” and “All Day,” those songs have been trending on Twitter.

A fan
“Wow, those lyrics from All Day. The wordplay as well as the reference to Dynamite and DNA! In addition to that, the bridge was incredible.

One more supporter
“But what about the way Joon alludes to other songs in his lyrics? “YUN” had made a passing reference to “Still Life” and “Wildflower,” “Still Life” made a reference to “Fake Love” and alluded to “YUN,” and “All Day” made a reference to “DNA and Dynamite.”

“Me yelling at you, trying to convince you that Indigo is the greatest album of all time and that you should listen to it. that it had a life-changing effect that RM is nothing short of a lyrical and musical genius as well as an artist and that,” a third fan stated.
the record album.

You can hear the entire album on this page.

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