The ninth episode of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War is scheduled to be released in Japan on Tuesday, December 6, and for the vast majority of fans across the rest of the world, it will be available on Monday, December 5.

The upcoming episode of the adapted version of TYBW will be titled “The Drop,” and it will be produced.
streaming is available on Disney Plus (in countries other than the US) and Hulu (in the US) at the following times:
Pacific Time – 7:30 AM
Central Time – 9:30 AM
10:30 in the morning, Eastern Time
British Time – 3:30 PM
European Time – 4:30 PM
India Time – 9 PM
Philippine Time – 11:30 PM
2 o’clock in the morning, Australia Central Daylight Time

After that, you can watch the English dub of Bleach: The Young Bloods on Hulu in the United States and on Disney Plus in other countries every Friday.

Have a look at the story’s caption and stills.

The following story caption for episode 9 of the Bleach: The Youngbloods and the Wicked has been confirmed by the official Japanese website for the Bleach: The Youngbloods and the Wicked anime series.

“Ichigo is accompanied by the Zero Unit as they travel to the Reiou Palace. Kirinji Tenjirou greets him in an unexpected manner at the Kirinden, which is where he first arrives in the world. Ichigo’s wounds were completely mended after receiving the treatment, and he and Koiji then continued on to Garyu-den and Tikibu Kiryu. The treatment had outstanding effects.

There, they will be met with unexpected hospitality… While this is going on, Kyoraku, who has recently been promoted to the position of new commander of the general and the first squadron, is discussing his strategy in front of the Central 46th room. – Taken from the Bleach website, Chapter 9.

The following individuals will be serving in key production roles for episode 9:
Screenplay – Masaki Hiramatsu
Kite Asakura’s Storyboard [Transcription]
Kite Asakura serves as the direction.
Animation Supervisors – Reio Kawamoto, Kazuo Takigawa, Sayoko Ozawa
Toruo Hasegawa is the Chief Animation Director here.

“Neither matter nor spirit shall be able to flee my blade… Nothing…other than you.” – A poem introducing Episode 9 that can be found on Disney Plus.

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