In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Charmander is a very sought-after and popular Pokemon. There are not many paths available to acquire this little fire lizard for use in the game.
This guide will walk you through the specific steps necessary to obtain them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It has been many years since Charmander was first made available in the Pokemon video game franchise. It made its first appearance in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Fans continue to have a lot of affection for Charmander and all of its evolved forms even though a lot of time has passed since then (a whopping 26 years).

Those who are interested in obtaining a Charmander in-game should be aware that, depending on the strategy they choose, doing so may be a little challenging or require a little bit of a wait.

The following is the procedure to follow in order to obtain a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Every Possible Approach To Acquiring A Charmander In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Charmander can be obtained in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through a few different routes, although there aren’t that many of them. The most important requirement for obtaining Charmander is to have previously captured Charizard during the Tera Raid, which took place between December 1 and December 4. Nevertheless, you should not feel defeated! The 15th through the 18th of December will see the return of the Charizard Tera Raid.

If you didn’t get the chance to catch a Charizard in the Tera Raid, you could ask a friend or acquaintance who did catch one in the Tera Raid if they would be willing to sell or trade it to you if you didn’t get the chance to do so yourself.

If they are unwilling to part with the Charizard, you have the option of requesting that they breed it for you so that you can obtain a Charmander from the offspring of the Charizard. You can also create a Charmander using this technique on your own if you already own a Charizard and breed it with a Ditto. This will result in a Charmander.

Waiting until an implementation of Pokemon HOME is added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is currently the method that takes the most time out of those that are available. Other than the spring of 2023, we do not have any other information regarding the timing of this at the moment. Because this won’t happen for a very long time, the best course of action would be to use one of the other methods described earlier if you can.

It is possible that there will be additional Charizard Tera Raids in the future in addition to the one that will take place in December, but we do not know if there will be, so you should make sure to grab them while you still can!

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