A player with “creative, natural talent” who would be ideal for Jones could be signed by Southampton

When a manager is replaced in the middle of the season, there is always some degree of risk involved. Is it possible for your team to adjust to life under a new head coach in a timely manner? Even though the new head coach won’t have the benefit of a full preseason, do you think he’ll be able to leave his mark on the team?

The fact that Southampton has chosen Nathan Jones to succeed Ralph Hasenhuttl, on the other hand, gives the impression that this is more of an instance of “evolution” than “revolution.” It is more of a continuation of the work that Hasenhuttl has done than it is an instance of tearing up the blueprint.

Following Jones’ transfer from Luton Town to St. Mary’s in November, EFL expert Ali Maxwell stated on the Not The Top 20 podcast that the key cornerstones of (Southampton’s) style of play are high-intensity, fast movement with and without the ball, and a lot of focus on attacking quickly in transition. Jones made the move from Luton Town.

“Now, it’s safe to say that Nathan Jones’ teams play with a lot of intensity, especially when they don’t have the ball. They also have a tendency to attack quickly and directly. Therefore, I do not believe that it is a significant departure from how Southampton play.”

Southampton, managed by Nathan Jones, is interested in acquiring Ryan Fraser from Newcastle United.

According to the Northern Echo, Southampton is reportedly interested in signing Newcastle United winger Ryan Fraser. This development gives Saints fans an idea of what to anticipate from Jones’ team in the upcoming season. Fraser, who was one of the most effective wide players in the Premier League during his time at Bournemouth, excelled during his first stint on the South Coast with the Cherries while Eddie Howe was the manager. The Cherries used Fraser’s speed and dribbling ability to hit opposing teams hard and fast on the counter.

Prior to Jones’ departure in November, his Luton team had the third-fewest possessions per game on average in the Championship. This was before Jones’ departure. The numbers demonstrate that the Welshman is more interested in quick counters than in maintaining ball control for an extended period of time. Jones’s Luton took great delight in pressing high and provoking errors from their opponents.

The Hatters finished in the play-offs in the 2021/21 season despite having the fewest number of possessions of any team in the entire division. Assuming that Jones intends to use the same strategy at St. Mary’s, it is not hard to picture how Fraser would fit into the overall scheme of things.

The Scotland international might be a man reborn under Jones, similar to how Harry Cornick was at Kenilworth Road. This is something that’s possible. Cornick, a dynamic and jet-heeled forward, reached double figures for the first time in his career in the 2021/22 season while playing for Luton Town under the guidance of the one-time assistant coach for Brighton. Cornick thrived in Luton’s fast-paced, counter-attacking system.

‘Creative, natural talent’

During the 2018–19 season, only Eden Hazard produced more assists than he did, but former Scotland star Charlie Nicholas told Sky of Fraser that one of the reasons he likes him is that he is “a little pocket dynamo.”

“He belongs to the category of players who are more traditional. What he does understand, however, is what happens when he gets the ball and is given permission to run at people and express himself. When he is doing that, he is at the top of his game. It is refreshing to see a Scot who possesses natural creativity and talent on this level.

During his time at Newcastle, Fraser has had trouble maintaining his form for the past two and a half years. However, despite only being 28 years old, the former Aberdeen prospect still has a significant amount of oil left in the tank. It’s possible that Fraser won’t be able to rediscover his inner-Hazard until he moves back to the South Coast and begins a new chapter at Southampton under the tutelage of Nathan Jones.

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