After being let go from Elite World Group, what is Julia Haart doing now?

Reality star Julia Haart, known for her role in the show My Unorthodox Life, made headlines in February 2022 when she was fired from her job at Elite World Group without any warning or explanation. The dismissal came about not long after she had ended her relationship with her second husband, Silvio Scaglia.

The reality show diva, however, is not someone who should be brought down when things get difficult. In the second season of the Netflix show, Julia presents a brand new business idea that she has been considering. The following is the information that we have regarding her objectives for her future professional life.

After being terminated from her position at Elite World Group, what is Julia Haart doing now for a living?

Fans of “My Unorthodox Life” were taken aback when Julia, who had been assisting her husband in the management of their business, was dismissed from the position she had held there. After all, in the first season, the fashionista gave off the impression that she was on top of the world and living the best life possible after escaping a marriage and community that she had felt trapped in for a number of years.

First, let’s talk about what Julia is doing now, and then we can get back to the cringeworthy manner in which the firing was carried out. She is a writer, and her book, “Brazen: My Unorthodox Journey from Long Sleeves to Lingerie,” was released in March of 2022, as stated by The Cinemaholic.

Julia reveals in the second season of her Netflix reality show that in addition to writing a book about her experiences, she is in the process of forming a new company that will be called Haart Sphere. Fans have speculated that Haart Sphere will be a Meta startup as well as a technology-related business venture, but it is difficult to say for certain what exactly Haart Sphere is at this point. And if one is to believe what Julia said to NBC News in January of 2022, her business might revolve around digital representations of real-world people called avatars.

It is highly likely that Julia Haart already had the concept for Haart Sphere when she was fired.

A month before the reality star was fired from her position at Elite World Group, she gave an interview to NBC News in which she discussed reorganizing the company with a new emphasis on avatars. As part of the project, digital representations of actual famous people would be given the ability to perform multiple tasks in the metaverse at the same time as their physical bodies continued to work or took a much-needed break. For instance, as Julia mentioned in the interview, a single avatar has the ability to walk simultaneously on fourteen different runways located in different parts of the world.

In spite of the fact that we are unable to say for certain whether or not Haart Sphere will be a continuation of this concept, it was revealed in Season 2 of My Unorthodox Life that her daughter, Miriam, will serve as CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Miriam asserted that “the technology that we want to exist in Haart Sphere doesn’t exist anywhere.”

This is an exciting prospect for the future of the family, particularly in light of the fact that Julia ended her relationship with Silvio in February 2022 and was fired as a co-owner and CEO of EWG immediately afterward, as reported by Women’s Health. The firing came as a surprise, as Page Six reports, with a source telling the publication, “Julia had no idea when she woke up this morning that she was going to be leaving.” (She had no idea that she was going to be fired.)

The following days, weeks, and months were very difficult for Julia and her estranged husband to get through. Silvio alleged that she illegally withdrew nearly $1 million dollars from the company and then sued Julia, per ET Online.

According to People, she went on to accuse her ex-partner of depriving her of stocks and earnings that were rightfully hers. At the time this article was written, their divorce drama and disagreements regarding their business dealings were far from over. Batsheva, Julia’s daughter, is also in the process of divorcing her husband.

The first season of My Unorthodox Life is now available to stream on Netflix.

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