After being sued by three patients, a plastic surgeon who gained fame on TikTok had his medical license suspended

After being named as a defendant in three separate lawsuits, board-certified plastic surgeon Katharine Roxanne Grawe, also known as Dr. Roxy online, has had her medical license revoked and will no longer be able to practice medicine. Dr. Roxy is well known for her viral movies detailing in-depth cosmetic and plastic operations. She has nearly 850,000 followers on TikTok, and her videos have gone viral. In spite of this, Dr. Roxy’s license to practice medicine in Ohio was revoked on November 18, 2022, when the Ohio State Medical Board found evidence that she had breached a number of provisions of the Ohio Revised Code.

Here is all you need to know about the suspension of Dr. Roxy’s medical license, ranging from concerns raised on social media to allegations that patients were mistreated.

The problem with Dr. Roxy’s use of social media was identified by the State Medical Board.

The authenticity of Dr. Roxy’s depictions of medical procedures is one of the most compelling aspects of her TikTok channel. However, the board considers this technique to be reckless and potentially harmful due to the fact that records show she frequently focused on the camera rather than the patient. The board believes that the thorough recording of cosmetic treatments carried out by Dr. Roxy presents a significant risk to both her patients and the general public.

A local surgeon named Dr. Robert Houser told WBNS that the issue with social media is that there has not been any regulation on what is presented at the local, state, or even the federal level. “The problem with social media is that there really has been no regulation on what is presented.”

According to Houser, significant cosmetic operations have to involve careful study and recommendations from people you can rely on. Patients who book appointments solely based on the information they find on social media are frequently unaware of what they are getting themselves into.

Amber Runyon, one of the three mistreated patients, revealed that social media motivated her to make a “Mommy Makeover” appointment. Runyon shared his thoughts by saying, “I couldn’t wait to get on there to watch the surgeries for the day.” “It demonstrated to you in a step-by-step fashion everything that needed to be done. I had the impression that I was very well prepared for these operations.”

When patients of Dr. Roxy experienced post-operative complications, they were instructed not to contact the emergency services.

She claims that after her tummy tuck and breast surgery, her drains were not functioning properly in the recovery house. Runyon underwent these procedures. Despite this, she was strongly discouraged by the nurse practitioner from going to the emergency room. Runyon claims that she is unable to stand up straight and that she is currently spending money on additional surgeries to correct the damage that Dr. Roxy caused.

“I thought she was the best because that’s the way she made me feel,” Runyon said. “However, I ought to have dug a little bit further.”

Attorney James Arnold represents two other patients who have filed lawsuits against Dr. Roxy. One of those patients was also told not to call 911, so Arnold does not represent Runyon, but he does represent the other patient. After her treatment, the patient who was being cared for by Arnold experienced multiple intestinal punctures and required to have a portion of her colon surgically removed. The client’s situation would have been much worse if they had listened to the recommendation of ROXY Plastic Surgery and skipped their trip to the hospital.

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