Al Strobel, a beloved star of “Twin Peaks,” has died at the age of 83

Even if we were not personally acquainted with the deceased celebrity, their passing always has an impact on individuals all around the world. In some instances, we were raised alongside them, or we drew inspiration from them to become the people we are today. Al Strobel of Twin Peaks, who tragically passed away on December 2 at the age of 83, is the most recent celebrity to pass away. He is the third Twin Peaks star to pass away in the last two years.

Fans of Al Strobel’s portrayal of Phillip Gerrard on Twin Peaks are all curious as to the circumstances surrounding the actor’s passing. While 83 years old could be old enough to pass of “old age,” some are still left wondering. So, what ultimately resulted in Al’s passing away?

The circumstances surrounding Al Strobel’s passing have not been made public at this time.

Even though many people have already shared their fondest memories of Al Strobel and sent their condolences to his friends and family, we do not yet have any information regarding the circumstances surrounding Al’s passing.

After portraying the one-armed Phillip Gerrard, also known as “Mike,” Al gained a significant amount of popularity. In a nutshell, Mike is a spirit that possesses the capability of inhabiting a human host, and during the entirety of Twin Peaks, Mike made the decision to do so in the body of Phillip.

Before he was inhabited by Mike, Phillip was just a regular salesman. Mike’s version of Phillip’s character claimed that he had been in a car accident near Memphis, Tennessee, and that before he lost his arm, it had been tattooed with the word “MOM.” Phillip had been a salesman before Mike took over his body. After taking a dose of haloperidol in 1989 to block Mike’s influence, it became unclear how much of Phillip was actually Phillip after this event. After some time had passed, we found out that Gerard had actually severed his own arm in order to prevent Mike’s former co-conspirator, Bob, from possessing him.

Al Strobel has played the role of Phillip in both the original 1989 series of Twin Peaks and the revival that aired in 2017. In reality, Al did end up losing his arm, and just like the cover story for his character, he did so in a car accident. Despite this, he continued to be successful in his career.

In point of fact, prior to joining the cast of Twin Peaks, Al had a role in the movie Shadow Play, which was released in 1986. After that, he made an appearance in ten episodes of the 1989 series Twin Peaks, in which he fought BOB. After that, he made an appearance in a spin-off of Twin Peaks called Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which aired in 1992, and another one called Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, which aired in 2014. All of this led to him appearing nine times in episodes of Twin Peaks in 2017, before he passed away on December 3rd.

Even though the circumstances surrounding Al’s death and his family are unknown, it is abundantly clear that he was cherished by a great number of people. Twin Peaks producer and David Lynch collaborator Sabrina Sutherland shared the news on her Facebook, in which she wrote on Dec. 3, “I am sad to have to post that Al Strobel passed away last night. I cared deeply about him.”

Others were quick to express their condolences and pay their respects. Mark Frost, co-creator of Twin Peaks, penned in an email: “Oh no…. Regards, Al… Those of you who had the good fortune to have crossed paths with him over the years know what a kind and admirable gentleman he was. RIP, friend.”

Dana Ashbrook
, who played Bobby Briggs, expressed his sorrow in a message that read, “Sad, sad news… love Al. He was the kindest and most gentle of men. A fantastic raconteur who… watching him roll a cigarette with one hand was like witnessing pure magic.

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