Amusing Spotify playlists made by fans Twitter memes based on pre-made templates

The 2022 feature has at long last been released, and numerous users have already begun disseminating their personal Spotify Wrapped templates across various social media platforms.

The much-beloved personalized playlist provides users with information about their listening habits over the past year, including the podcasts, songs, and artists that they enjoy listening to the most.

On November 30, a slideshow titled “2022 Wrapped” was released with a few new features. These new features included “Your Listening Personality,” “Expanded Artist Messages,” and “Audio Day.”

While some users were busy posting their Wrapped playlists on social media, others were busy coming up with their very own hilarious templates to use.

Twitter is the host for amusing Spotify Wrapped templates that users create.

A creative Year in Review that utilizes the Spotify Wrapped template to showcase some of your favorite meme formats:

When your Spotify Wrapped is a complete mess and you are this meme in real life:

Here is a model for all of the strange music genres that you play on Spotify:

We are not interested in the Spotify Wrapped; rather, we want the Booktify Wrapped. This reader compiled a list of their top picks for the year using the format provided by Spotify, which includes:

This incredible template for someone’s 2022 Spotify Wrapped predictions was created by another person:

Another user has utilized a template that has been going around on Twitter and contributed their forecasts, which are as follows:

What exactly is Spotify Wrapped, and how can one get access to it?

Wrapped is a feature of Spotify that is accessible to users with free as well as premium accounts and provides a snapshot of the listening habits that have shaped the past year for the individual.

Simply open up the Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device, where the 2022 Wrapped playlist should already be displayed for you. This is true regardless of which platform you use.

You can also use this link on Spotify’s website in order to update your app and gain access to your personalized playlist.

In the event that you are having trouble accessing your Wrapped experience, you can get in touch with SpotifyCares on Twitter. This account has been fielding questions and concerns from users all over the world.

Before being rebranded as Wrapped in 2018, the annual playlist compiled by the streaming giant was initially given the name Year In Review when it was unveiled in 2015.

The new capabilities of 2022

The launch of Spotify Wrapped 2022 was accompanied by the introduction of a number of exciting new features, including the following:
Your Listening Personality is a feature that provides insight into your character based on the music that you listen to.
Your Artist Messages Have Been Expanded Spotify has upgraded this feature so that in 2022, you will be able to read thank you messages from more than 40,000 artists.
This feature, known as Audio Day, analyzes how your listening habits have changed over the course of the previous year.
Merch and Concerts from Your Favorite Artists The Spotify app includes merch and concerts from some of your favorite artists.
More options for sharing your results; now you can share them on a wider variety of platforms, including WhatsApp and Line.
Roblox partnership Spotify has entered into a partnership with Roblox to develop a gaming-inspired platform that includes quests and games.

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