As Last Gasp returns, Survivor viewers are wondering: What is the longest challenge in the show’s history?

In the eleventh episode of Survivor season 43, “Last Gasp” made its triumphant return as one of the most challenging competitions in the history of the long-running reality television series. In the first episode of the tenth season of Survivor, which took place in Palau, players were required to attempt to breathe while being confined by a metal grate while the tide washed over them. This challenge later reappeared in Micronesia and Caramoan. In addition, Karla and Owen created a new chapter in the annals of Last Gasp tonight.

As the three-hour mark approached, the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst, was unable to hide his shock. Karla and Owen had been in the game for almost three hours. Probst remarked that because they had been out here for such a long time, the tide, which had previously been rising, was now falling. When the last two competitors made it abundantly clear that they had no intention of quitting the game anytime soon, Probst was left with no choice but to grant individual immunity to each of them — a Survivor first!

Although the Last Gasp challenge went on for quite some time, it is not the Survivor competition with the longest time limit.

It is common knowledge that the endurance challenges on Survivor can go on for an extremely extended period of time. This is not a secret. During Episode 11, Karla and Owen endured for a total of two hours and 45 minutes, which is a pretty remarkable accomplishment for Last Gasp. Nevertheless, their time is not even close to being as long as the series’ longest challenge over the course of the past twenty years.

What is the “Survivor” challenge that lasts the longest?

The current record for the longest Survivor challenge was set at almost 12 hours! In Survivor: Palau Season 10, the Original Last Gasp season, the top three competitors, Katie, Ian, and Tom, competed in a challenging final immunity challenge called Bob-Bob Buoy. The winner of this challenge was awarded final immunity from elimination. The mission was straightforward: one had to grab onto a buoy and cling to it for dear life. However, the castaways’ dogged determination truly raised the stakes by a million dollars. Katie, Ian, and Tom would do anything in their power to secure a spot in the final two of Survivor and guarantee themselves a trip to the winner’s circle.

And as a consequence, there was a drawn-out battle that lasted 11 hours and 55 minutes.

Katie was the first person to fall off her buoy after she had clung to it for an incredible five hours. Everyone thought that Ian and Tom would follow in Katie’s footsteps, but their competitive nature drove them to finish in half the time that Katie did. However, Ian ended up making a move that altered the course of the game completely, and as a result, the outcome was significantly different. To regain Katie and Tom’s friendship and trust after their alliance fell through, Ian stepped down from the challenge — leading to an impromptu tribal council on the dock resulting in Ian’s elimination.

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