‘Bering Sea Gold’ Introduces an Old Friend to Emily Riedel in the Form of a New Shipmate

Winter is the time to rejoice in the chill of the weather, and no one does this more enthusiastically than the Kilcher family. Since 2011, we’ve been following them on Alaska: The Last Frontier as they try to find ways to live without modern heating on their homestead outside of Homer in the dredges of the Alaskan frontier. Plus, the fact that they are related to Jewel, a singer who has won a Grammy, makes them an even more interesting family for those of us who prefer to watch from the comfort of our own homes on our cozy couches.

In 2006, Jane Kilcher, who had previously been married to Kilcher’s son Atz Lee, officially became a member of the family. They both had children from previous relationships—Atz Lee had a son, and Jane had a daughter from a previous marriage—when they decided to join the homestead and have their lives documented on the Discovery Channel show. It would appear that Jane is expanding her business into Bering Sea Gold at this point. Is there Gold for Jane on the Bering Sea?

On the current season of ‘Bering Sea Gold,’ Jane Kilcher can be seen in several episodes.

Jane has a wide network of connections across the state of Alaska thanks to her status as a well-known Alaskan influencer and celebrity. Emily Riedel, who won the Bering Sea Gold, is a natural friend of hers, of course. She began her television career by making an appearance on Season 11 of Alaska: The Last Frontier. Thanks to Bering Sea Gold, she will continue her television career through the 2022–2023 winter season.

Jane went to visit her friend Emily in Nome, Alaska, while she was working on Bering Sea Gold. While there, the two of them were caught in one of the most severe storms in recent memory. Jane wrote in a post that she shared on Facebook that she was currently in Nome and experiencing “the worst storm EVER.” On a photo depicting extreme flooding all around the town, the caption read, “It is very sad to see all of the damage and houses that are floating away.”

Jane continued to describe the scene to the people who were listening to her: “Roads are like rivers now, and the harbor is flooded; the damage is in the millions of dollars.” It is evident that Jane’s presence in Nome is able to make a difference and provide exposure to a town that would otherwise be relatively unseen as evidenced by the thousands of condolences that were sent in.

Ahead of the premiere of Bering Sea Gold, Jane revealed that she would even be watching it with Emily. This information was shared. “It is 2022… despite this, I am still living in a man’s world. Extremely thankful to have butted heads with Emily Riedel, though… Both Alaska: the Last Frontier and Bering Sea Gold will air their final episodes of the season on Sunday. Emily gave a response that went something like this: “This season is so crazy lol I don’t know what I would’ve done without you — can’t wait to see it!”

Since this is Jane’s first time working on Bering Sea Gold, she receives instruction on how to become a commercial fisherwoman and contributes the skills she gained as a homesteader to the Eroica dredge, which is captained by Emily. In contrast to the stereotypical “man’s world” that Jane mentions, it is already proving to be an interesting and enjoyable change to see women working together at the helm of a ship.

Watch Bering Sea Gold on the Discovery Channel every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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