Creating Time Machine historical images with MyHeritage’s artificial intelligence

The most recent TikTok craze is MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine generator, which enables users to create historical pictures of themselves. In this article, you will learn where to find the tool and how to make use of it.

According to several reports, a recent trend on TikTok has attracted a significant amount of attention from social media and has received more than 30 million views.

Users are transforming themselves into what they might have looked like in the past, such as a Greek goddess or a Persian princess. This trend is becoming increasingly popular.

Using the online tool to create vintage pictures of yourself is easy if you follow these steps.

MyHeritage’s Artificial Intelligence Time Machine: How to Use It

TikTok users are transforming themselves into historical figures with the assistance of an online artificial intelligence tool, which has become the latest trend on the platform.

MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine can take real photos of you and turn them into “stunning, hyper-realistic images depicting that person featured in a variety of themes from across the globe,” as the company explains on its website. These images can then be shared with family and friends.

The company goes on to say that “using AI Time Machine, you can see yourself as an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, a 19th-century lord or lady, an astronaut, and much more, in just a few clicks!” The AI Time Machine allows users to see themselves in a variety of different eras and roles.

Visit the website of MyHeritage in order to create your photos, and then upload between 10 and 25 photos of yourself from your computer or camera roll to the site.

It is important to choose high-quality photos as your starting point because the final product will reflect the quality of the images you use to generate them.

For the best possible results, MyHeritage suggests that users select three full-body shots, five upper-body shots, two side profile pictures, and ten close-up images.

Users generate photographs of themselves using the AI Time Machine.

The most recent trend to sweep the internet is MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine, and a lot of people on Twitter have been sharing historical photos that they’ve taken themselves.

One user claimed that the generator produced images of a famous actor from the 1930s:

MyHeritage’s results have another one channeling their inner Greek goddess, and they are as follows:

Someone else is pretty pleased with her outcomes after utilizing the online tool, and here they are:

MyHeritage: what exactly is it?

MyHeritage is a company that specializes in genealogy. Earlier this month, they launched a free online tool that quickly became popular across a variety of media platforms.

The company has reportedly generated 4.6 million themes with 44 million images, and a total of three million images have been downloaded for sharing at this point in time. This information was disclosed in a recent blog post.

The company disclosed that the popular hashtag on TikTok, “AITimeMachine,” has received 27 million views in the past three days.

The company has stated that they are “working around the clock” to make AI Time Machine even better. “We’ve enjoyed getting all of your great feedback and have been working to make it even better,” the company said.

“We are ecstatic to announce that we now offer AI Time Machine in 42 languages so that people from all over the world can experience the magic for themselves,” said the company.

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