Did Anakin abuse Padme?

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    Aman Sutherland

    Did Anakin abuse Padme?

    Both to no and yes. The moment Anakin choked his wife because she disagreed with his decision to slaughter Jedi children marked the clear beginning of his abusive behavior against her. Having said that, I don’t believe it’s fair to condemn Anakin as a sexual predator, despite the fact that he murdered his children and his wife and choked her.

    Does Vader think he killed Padme?

    The first thing that Vader does is make some inquiries concerning Padm. It’s not that he was asleep; the DVD makes it abundantly evident that he was awake the entire time the procedure was being done. It’s the fact that he was able to sense her presence in the Force before the procedure, but after it he was unable to. He was aware the entire time that his attempt to choke her did not kill her.

    Why did Vader visits Padme’s grave?

    Padmé Amidala’s Grave Is Visited by Darth Vader (& Faces [SPOILER]) Padm’s grave was found by Darth Vader, who was on a mission to discover who was responsible for her death and what became to his long-missing son. Vader also wanted to know who was responsible for Padm’s death.

    Who killed the most Jedi?

    The following is a list of the top 10 best Jedi killers of all time, sorted according to the number of kills they have accomplished, going from least to most.
    1 Darth Vader Hundreds.
    2 Darth Nihilus Almost 100 years old.
    3 Darth Malgus Dozens.
    4 Darth Sion Dozens.
    5 General Unpleasantness At Least 6
    7 Aurra Sing 4 8 Savage Oppress At Least 3

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    Did Anakin abuse Padme?

    Did Vader ever recognize R2D2?

    Yes, Darth Vader does know who R2D2 is if we take the question in the direct form in which it was asked. Because it is implied in both the live-action films and the animated programs that Darth Vader views Anakin as an entirely distinct being from himself. Luke is informed by Old Ben Kenobi that Vader took Luke’s father’s life.

    Does Vader remember Anakin?

    When it was first asked, “Does Darth Vader remember being Anakin?” the answer was yes. Yes. Yes, he is aware of his name, but he believes it to be devoid of any significance to him at this point. Even now and then, he had flashbacks to the time when he was an anakin.

    Did Obi Wan still love Vader?

    Yes he did. Following the events of “Revenge of the Sith,” Obi-Wan no longer saw Darth Vader as Anakin Skywalker. Anakin was his closest friend and sibling, and in some ways he served as a mentor to him. Because Obi-wan would never be able to forget the link they shared, he chose to convince himself that Darth Vader was the one who took his friend’s life in order to deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Does Vader hate Kenobi?

    Does Darth Vader detest Obi-Wan Kenobi? Naturally, he agrees with you. In RotS, he admits to saying it openly. Hatred is the fuel that keeps the dark side going.

    Did Anakin abuse Padme?, Did Vader ever recognize R2D2?, Does Vader remember Anakin?, Did Obi Wan still love Vader?, Does Vader hate Kenobi?

    Did Anakin abuse Padme?

    Did Obi-Wan regret not killing Anakin?

    There is no such thing as a random event. Obi-Wan will never regret giving the death strike to Anakin/Vader on Mustafar because: Anakin/Vader would never have had the opportunity to turn back, thereby being eliminated as a weapon of the Dark side.

    Why did Anakin hate Obi-Wan?

    I believe that the reason he disliked Obi-Wan was because he believed that Obi-Wan had caused Padme to turn against him and that Obi-Wan was preventing him from rescuing his mother during A New Hope. I also feel that he believes that he was not providing him the appropriate respect as a Jedi that he felt he deserves. He may have felt that this respect was not being given to him by him.

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