Did Cyborg and Jinx break up?

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    Francis Riggs

    Did Cyborg and Jinx break up?

    Cyborg (Love Interest/Boyfriend) They discreetly mend their relationship by kissing and continue dating after breaking up in front of their friends. Jinx agrees to be Cyborg’s Valentine in the book Be Mine. Jinx is seen in Real Boy Adventures making out with Fleshy Guy.

    Does Cyborg have a crush?

    Cyborg (as Stone) (as Stone) This union didn’t last long. Jinx fell in love with Cyborg while he was hiding out at the H.I.V.E Academy, and the two went to the dance together. When Bumble Bee acknowledges that she read a little more on his disc about the intense infatuation on Jinx, it turns out that they both have feelings for one another.

    Who is cyborg dating?

    Elbe, Ray

    Who does cyborg have a crush on?


    Did Cyborg and Jinx break up?, Did Cyborg and Jinx break up?, Does Cyborg have a crush?, Who is cyborg dating?, Who does cyborg have a crush on?

    Did Cyborg and Jinx break up?

    Are Ravens bad Titans?

    Later, Raven came back, still wicked, to kill Starfire’s good self-implanted by Raven. Raven’s evil side was destroyed by the Titans, and Raven’s good side received a new, golden spirit form that was free of her father’s demonic control.

    What is jinx real name?

    Claire Hamilton voices Jinx in DC Universe Online. She may be found in the Sons of Trigon expansion pack. Lauren Tom reprises her role as Jinx, a playable character in Lego DC Super-Villains.

    What happened to Beast Boy and Terra?

    After a cave-in, Terra loses sight of Beast Boy as the Titans inspect the area. She pursues Slade after spotting him. Terra runs away from them after Robin sees she can’t control her powers and tells her, giving her the impression that Beast Boy deserted her when, in fact, he didn’t.

    Is Terra really dead in Teen Titans?

    Despite Raven’s claims to the contrary, it turns out that she entirely trusted Terra, thought of her as a friend, and was saddened by her treachery. Raven and the other Titans appeared to have forgiven Terra after she offered her life to save the city.

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