How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?

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    Rahima Leigh

    How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?

    Keep your distance from them, shoot the blue sap or the fuel tanks if they’re nearby, and blindfire one of them until he’s dead. Use the other one’s crossbow to kill the other one. It simply takes one or two shots from that weapon to put an end to them.

    Does Nathan Drake die in Uncharted 4?

    Nathan Drake is not taken out of the game in Uncharted 4. Instead, they give him a happy ending that’s so serene that it’s practically unheard of in the world of video games. Everyone meets their end, and a pirate ship that was carrying treasure is lost to the sands of time.

    Who are Nathan Drake’s parents?

    The name Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
    Families of Nathan Drake
    Cassandra Morgan (mother) Sam Drake’s (brother) Wife and Family
    Elena Fisher
    The Nationality of Cassie Drake

    Is Nathan Drake actually related to Francis Drake?

    According to the Wikia, They decided to take on the surname Drake in recognition of their mother’s firm conviction that Francis Drake had live heirs. This eliminates his link in many ways than just the name alone suggests. This suggests that Nathan and Sam had no reason to believe that they were the progeny of Sir Francis Drake because they themselves were not related to Drake.

    How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?, How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?, Does Nathan Drake die in Uncharted 4?, Who are Nathan Drake’s parents?, Is Nathan Drake actually related to Francis Drake?

    How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?

    Is Nathan Fillion Nathan Drake?

    On Thursday, Tom Holland made the Internet aware of his anticipated high-profile role as Nathan Drake in the forthcoming film version of the popular video game Uncharted. The movie will be based on the game’s success. In addition to the fact that they both have the same first name, Nathan Drake, actor Nathan Fillion is strikingly similar in appearance to the fictional character.

    Is Nathan Drake attractive?

    For a wide variety of compelling and compellingly compelling reasons, Nathan Drake is undeniably an irresistibly fascinating man. His outward look, together with his excellent sense of humor You made an attempt to climb to this level? What are you doing with those boots? He demonstrates bravery, perseverance, and strength in his pursuit of what he desires while also being determined to stop the evil ones.

    Does Uncharted 2 have zombies?

    Uncharted 2 does not have any zombies or other creatures similar to zombies. Snow monsters make their first appearance in Uncharted 2 during chapter 17, and they return later on during chapter 24.

    What did Nathan Drake find?

    After being rescued by Nate and Elena, he explained that the reason he was able to escape the gunshot was because Francis Drake’s journal was able to shield the bullet. Under the monastery, they discovered a network of underground catacombs.

    How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?, Is Nathan Fillion Nathan Drake?, Is Nathan Drake attractive?, Does Uncharted 2 have zombies?, What did Nathan Drake find?

    How do you kill the blue people in Uncharted 2?

    Why does Nathan Drake want treasure?

    10 He is responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people. Because of the fact that they are being paid to guard a location, Nathan Drake, who is no better than the antagonist in his narrative, makes them his target. There is not much that differentiates Nathan Drake from those who are trying to harm him. He is primarily interested in acquiring the treasure for his own financial benefit.

    Who has Nate Archibald dated?

    The following is a ranking of his relationships, from the most problematic to the most positive.
    4 Blair Waldorf.
    5 Lola Rhodes.
    Bree Buckley, number 6.
    Jenny Humphrey, number seven
    8 Diana Payne.
    9 Juliet Sharp.
    ten points of Sage Spence.
    Catherine Beaton is number 11. In the second season, Nate had an affair with Catherine Beaton, who is an adult and married to another man.

    Is Nathan Drake a bad guy?

    No, he is not a terrible person by any stretch of the imagination at all. On the other hand, he is not a very good husband. Even though Elena provides him with every reason to trust her and open up to her, he continues to withhold information from her. Nathaniel Drake is still not a horrible character; nonetheless, he is mostly emotionally immature and a little bit too juvenile for his own good.

    Does Drake lose his ring?

    When Nathan found the body of Francis Drake in the Treasure Vault, he decided to leave the ring there with the deceased former explorer because, in Nathan’s opinion, Drake had squandered his life.

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