How long is FF7 OG?

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    Rahima Leigh

    How long is FF7 OG?

    forty to ninety hours

    How long is original FF7?

    The Primary Account 833
    37 hours and 22 minutes, including all the extras
    1.1Ks52h 55m
    Completionists 441 hours 87 minutes and 49 seconds across all play styles
    2.3Ks53h 58m

    Is FF7 remake free roam?

    Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake a Free-Roaming Game? After considering all of these factors, I can categorically state that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is not an open world game.

    Why does Ff8 look so much better than FF7?

    7 was their first attempt at 3D, and given how basic it was, it most likely did not present too much of a challenge for them to expand upon it. Games such as Resident Evil 1, which were released a year earlier than 7, and looked just as well as 8, were previously available, indicating that the platform was definitely capable of handling it; Square just didn’t do 3D before.

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    How long is FF7 OG?

    Which is better FF7 or FF8?

    In my opinion, Final Fantasy 7 offers a far more polished experience than Final Fantasy 8. 8 has the appearance of being cobbled together using tape, and the various parts don’t fit together very well. Because the concept in and of itself is so intriguing, it undeniably had the potential to be fantastic if Square had given the team more time. Additionally, the gameplay was quite nice, and the sketching concept was a lot of fun.

    Why is Ffviii not popular?

    Realistic graphics were implemented in Final Fantasy 8, however they did not work out very well and made the game difficult to go through more than once. It is extremely difficult to replay the game due to the fact that it has lost its assets and has, for the most part, never been re-released like the other Final Fantasy games have been so that players can continue to play them. To tell you the truth, graphics have absolutely nothing to do with it.

    Why is Ffviii so weird?

    The video game Final Fantasy VIII is rather strange. The majority of the time, the characters are acting in a very comedic manner, and the narrative does not take itself too seriously. It does not go quite as far in the ridiculous way as other works, such as Final Fantasy X-2, but it comes quite close. The gameplay deftly walks the line, and there is just the right amount of strangeness included.

    Why is FF7 so great?

    It was one of the first JRPGs to become an international megahit game, and it was largely responsible for bringing the main series to the forefront of gaming culture in western countries. It has large concepts as well as a large and daring plot. It’s amazing, but I think people are giving it too much credit; the 3D models weren’t that good even by 1997 standards.

    How long is FF7 OG?, Which is better FF7 or FF8?, Why is Ffviii not popular?, Why is Ffviii so weird?, Why is FF7 so great?

    How long is FF7 OG?

    How popular is FF7?

    The majority of votes for Final Fantasy 7 were between the ages of 30 and 39 (47.9%), and even a greater percentage of its supporters (23%) were in this age bracket or older. Nevertheless, Final Fantasy X won the hearts of younger fans in the end, as 35.3% of those who voted for it were between the ages of 20 and 29. This popularity stretched all the way to 7’s core audience.

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