Is death note a Shonen?

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    Libbie McCartney

    Is death note a Shonen?

    Because it was created with young men in middle school in mind, the series Death Note is classified as shounen. That gives you an idea of its scale. There are a great many shounen shows that in no way resemble what you have described at all.

    Is Death Note banned in the UK?

    Absolutely not! Only the live-action movie was made. Tubi, they purchased the rights to Death Note, and everything is in order.

    Did REM die in Death Note?

    Rem dies to save Misa Light puts Misa in danger by forcing her to continue writing names in the Death Note. This causes Rem to be misled into writing down Watari and L’s real names in the notebook so that he can kill them. Light is ultimately responsible for Misa’s death.

    What was Misa’s original lifespan?

    Lifespans that are public knowledge Character Lifespan
    Misa Amane 15 42 30 6 (anime) 12 74 2 9 55 (TV drama, Othellonia)
    Soichiro Yagami 932253 (film series)
    Touta Matsuda 548192 Near 43406

    Is death note a Shonen?, Is death note a Shonen?, Is Death Note banned in the UK?, Did REM die in Death Note?, What was Misa’s original lifespan?

    Is death note a Shonen?

    Why did REM kill L?

    Rem, who is a quite astute individual herself, arrived at the same realization. She was aware that L would figure it out, and she was also aware that this would be the end for Misa. However, she had pledged to look out for her till the very end, and in order to keep Misa from passing away too soon, she understood that she had to take L’s life.

    What is L’s lifespan in human years?

    71.89 years to go, which is around 72 years. Therefore, the overall lifespan of Lights would be 89 years, which was a significant amount of time longer than the average age of men in Japan in 2008. which is equivalent to almost 58 years if measured in human years. L lived a total of 82 years, making her total lifespan 82 years.

    Why could Lights dad see his lifespan?

    When Light’s father passed away, he used his Shinigami eyes to see back over Light’s lifetime in order to verify that Light was not indeed Kira. On the other hand, when the story came to a close, Mikami gazed at Light with his Shinigami eyes and recognized him, despite the fact that he was unable to determine Light’s lifespan.

    Did RYUK die?

    This is the reason why Ryuk did not pass away after writing Lights’s name in the deathnote. Actually, it’s because Rei liked Misa and Ryuk didn’t have any feelings for Light, and Rei used the death note to make Misa live longer, despite the fact that Shinigami are supposed to make people die younger.

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