Is Erza S-Class?

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    Is Erza S-Class?

    Erza Scarlet, also known as Eruza Sukretto, is a Fairy Tail Guild S-Class Mage who is a part of Team Natsu. Her full name is Erza Scarlet (Eruza Sukretto).

    Is Mystogan S-Class?

    In the past, Mystogan served as the S-Class Mage for the Fairy Tail guild. In the year X782, he advanced to the rank of S-Class Mage within the Fairy Tail Guild. Mystogan is able to use magic skills comparable to those of extremely powerful mages thanks to the multiple magic staves he carries with him.

    Is laxus a bad guy?

    Laxus was a nice person throughout his entire life, but he struggled with confused emotions due to the fact that he did not believe that the way Makrov was leading the guild was the correct way. In addition, as a result of being defeated by Natsu, he came to the realization that one’s true power lies in the ability to defend those who are closest to them.

    Who did Erza end up with?

    Jellal Fernandes is the father of Esmeralda Scarlet, Irene Fernandes, and the late son Simon Scarlet. He is also married to Erza Scarlet, who is the mother of his children.

    Is Erza S-Class?, Is Erza S-Class?, Is Mystogan S-Class?, Is laxus a bad guy?, Who did Erza end up with?

    Is Erza S-Class?

    Who is jellal twin brother?


    How old is jellal?

    Jellal Fernandes Name
    Jellal Fernandes Aliases Siegrain Gender Male Age 19 (debut) 26 (X791)

    Who does Gildarts marry?

    History of the Gilded Age Gildarts in their Youth When Gildarts was younger, he had the opportunity to meet and fall in love with a woman named Cornelia. Their connection grew stronger over time, and they ended up getting married to one another.

    Will fairy tail 100 years Quest be animated?

    The story that will be told in the Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest manga sequels could be adapted into the Fairy Tail Season 4 anime as early as 2021. The next Fairy Tail sequel, titled Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest, debuted in manga form on July 25, 2018, and is part of the Fairy Tail franchise. In July of 2017, with the publication of Chapter 545 of the Fairy Tail manga, creator Hiro Mashima finally wrapped up the first series.

    Is Erza S-Class?, Who is jellal twin brother?, How old is jellal?, Who does Gildarts marry?, Will fairy tail 100 years Quest be animated?

    Is Erza S-Class?

    Is Levy pregnant in fairy tail 100 year quest?

    At the conclusion of Fairy Tail, it is revealed that Levy is carrying a kid inside of her womb. In the continuation of the story told in 100 Years Quest, Levy is still carrying her child.

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