Is SSBE Vegeta stronger than Kefla?

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    Rahima Leigh

    Is SSBE Vegeta stronger than Kefla?

    Super Kawaii Vegeta is equal to Kaioken times 20 SSB Goku, so no. He is far weaker than Kefla. When they fought in UI Omen, he punched Jiren, and with just one blow, he inflicted more damage on Jiren than he did on Kefla with that kamehameha. Because Jiren was already very close to his maximum potential at that moment, this should put Kefla in a position where she is not too far behind Jiren.

    Is Toppo stronger than Broly?

    Yes, Broly is most likely stronger than Toppo in the lssj or legendary super saiyan form; however, the question is just asking about normal super saiyan Broly, who was victorious against a post-tournament of power super saiyan blue goku and vegeta.

    Can Frieza beat Kefla?

    Frieza triumphs handily in round one. Frieza was stronger than SSB, despite the fact that Base Kefla was weaker than SSB.

    Who is stronger Kefla or Frieza?

    Edit: Yes, Kefla is stronger. In contrast to Frieza, who has not yet demonstrated his ability to hold his own against Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku, she was able to do so. Kefla is very definitely more powerful, considering that Golden Frieza’s strength is comparable to that of SSJB Goku, and Kefla’s strength with Kaioken is comparable to or even more than that of SSJB Goku.

    Is SSBE Vegeta stronger than Kefla?, Is SSBE Vegeta stronger than Kefla?, Is Toppo stronger than Broly?, Can Frieza beat Kefla?, Who is stronger Kefla or Frieza?

    Is SSBE Vegeta stronger than Kefla?

    Who is stronger Broly or Frieza?

    Even while Broly’s strength comes from his sheer force, it is Frieza who emerges victorious in the end. It took Super Saiyan Goku to defeat him the first time, and if my memory serves me well, it took Super Saiyan 2 Goku, Adult Gohan, and Goten to defeat him the second time. Frieza was unable to defeat Goku without a time reverse from Whis, and it required a Super Saiyan Blue Goku to finally finish him off.

    Can Frieza defeat Beerus?

    9 NEVER WILL BEAT: Beerus Unfortunately, the gap in power between Frieza and Beerus is enormous, which means that there is just no way for Frieza to triumph over this persistent thorn in his side.

    Can Zamasu beat Beerus?

    Beerus is more than capable of defeating Zamasu. Simply simply repeating the word “hakai,” which is the name of the deity of destruction, he has the power to eradicate anything and everything from existence (destroy). Additionally, it has the power to annihilate souls and spirits. Therefore, Zamasu’s immortality isn’t of much use to him at all.

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