Is TBC leveling faster than vanilla?

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    Emmy Mcfarland

    Is TBC leveling faster than vanilla?

    Indeed, Vanilla moved at a pace that was considerably slower than TBC. The Battle for Azeroth introduced quest hubs and made that there were sufficient tasks for players to reach the level cap. Vanilla took you all over the world, but at first it didn’t offer enough tasks to get you to the maximum level. Eventually (during your leveling experience), grinding was required to achieve the level cap.

    Should I start leveling for TBC?

    If they release the pre-patch a few weeks before The Battle for Azeroth, then it will be much easier to level up, thus it is something that should be taken into mind. But as other people have pointed out, even if TBC isn’t released for another three months, there’s no harm in beginning to level up right away; the only exception is if you truly do wish to wait until TBC is out.

    How long does TBC leveling take?

    Using the regular XP rates, it is likely going to take you anywhere from three to five days, or sixty to one hundred hours, depending on the individual. It is possible to complete the journey in under forty hours if you are very familiar with the pathways, but I believe the time required by the typical player would be significantly more. That works out to almost seven hours each level. That’s right, it is.

    Is Leveling to 60 faster in TBC?

    There are a greater number of quests available, each of which grants additional experience and improved loot. In The Burning Crusade, you may complete quests from level one to sixty in a tenth of the time it takes in Vanilla, and the experience is also generally more enjoyable. Increase for Protection Paladins from 1 to 60 in TBC. It’s going to be the quickest method to get there, almost certainly.

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    Is TBC leveling faster than vanilla?

    How long does it take to level to 70 in TBC?

    I’ve received two distinct pieces of information regarding this topic: in Vanilla TBC, it took me approximately three weeks, working approximately 25 hours per week, to reach level 70. It starts off pretty quickly, like reaching level 60 to 62 in a couple of hours, but it slows down significantly until you reach level 67 or higher if you aren’t doing netherstorm quest spam.

    How long does it take to level from 1 70 TBC?

    I would say that it takes the typical gamer anywhere between five and seven days of gameplay to reach level 70. However, this does depend on the patch, and it is important to keep in mind that the leveling rates were reduced in version 2.4.

    How long is a 60 70 TBC?

    You should be able to complete it in five days of playtime with little effort, whereas doing it in five real days would be extremely challenging. Having said that, the first player to reach level 70 after the introduction of The Battle for Azeroth did so after 17 hours of continuous gaming, but he did so with the assistance of an entire raid group.

    How long does it take to level to 60 in WoW Classic?

    The amount of time spent playing the game required to reach level 60 might range anywhere from 5 to 14 days or even longer. If you don’t use a guide and instead just go with the flow, you should plan on spending at least ten days on it. 240 hours, to be exact. Determine how much time it will take you by doing the math yourself.

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