Is The Sims 4 laundry day worth it?

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    Omar Salgado

    Is The Sims 4 laundry day worth it?

    In conclusion, The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff is one of the select few expansion packs for The Sims 4 that is unquestionably deserving of the price tag of $10. The experiment conducted by the Sims team was successful, and it is fascinating to observe a content pack receiving so few negative comments from the community.

    Do maids do laundry Sims 4?

    Laundry service will be provided by the butlers and maids. Butlers and maids will clear the lint trap for you, even though your Sims won’t do it automatically.

    Can you have a live in maid in Sims 4?

    You will find a new option on Phones called Live in Service located under the Household Menu. Selecting this option will reveal a new Pop Up Menu that includes the options to Hire Live-In Nanny and Manage Live-In Pets. Employ a live-in maid service.

    Can you hire maids in Sims 4?

    When playing the main game of The Sims 4, players have the option of hiring maids on either a one-time basis or as a recurring service. Utilizing the phone of an adult is the only way to successfully complete this task. The cost is 40 dollars plus 20 dollars per hour. The maid is responsible for making the beds, cleaning the house, and fixing any goods that are damaged.

    Is The Sims 4 laundry day worth it?, Is The Sims 4 laundry day worth it?, Do maids do laundry Sims 4?, Can you have a live in maid in Sims 4?, Can you hire maids in Sims 4?

    Is The Sims 4 laundry day worth it?

    Can you hire a butler in Sims 4?

    You can employ a butler by going to the Career / Household section of your phone’s menu, selecting the Hire a Service option, and then choosing the Butler option. Your household will almost instantly receive a butler of arbitrary selection. They are, in all intents and purposes, residents of your house; nevertheless, they will not count as actual members of your household, nor will you have the ability to exercise control over them.

    Can I make my Sim a maid?

    Sims.add buff buff Role ServiceNPC Maid is the command you need to enter in order to make your Sim act as a maid. Enter the same command using the word “sims” instead of “maids” to make your Sim cease acting like a housekeeper.

    What is the cheat for Sims 4 to get SIM ID?

    You will first need to enter the cheat box by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, and then you will need to type in the following cheat: sims. This will give you your Sims ID. get sim id by name followed by the person’s First Name and Last Name, then pressing enter. If you wanted to find the sim ID for Bob Pancakes, for instance, the cheat you would use is sims.

    How long is a SIM year in real life?

    In my game, a normal year consists of 22 day-long simulations. There are a total of 22 days in a year, with each season consisting of five days (winter and spring) and six days (summer and fall). There are 286 days in all that my Sims can live if they are BIG Sims (born in the game) and if I let them live until they die at old age.

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