Is yoosung depressed?

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    Elen Jackson

    Is yoosung depressed?

    Yoosung’s cousin Rika, whom he looked up to and was very close with, passed away, and after that, Yoosung fell into a deep depression, despite the fact that he had a fairly innocent and joyful disposition.

    Does yoosung kill anyone?

    During the course of their research, they are taken captive by Unknown, who possesses a switch that, when used, will set off the bombs located in Rika’s apartment as well as the base, so resulting in the deaths of all four of them. Yoosung diverts Unknown’s attention by grabbing hold of him in order to give Seven time to make his getaway with the switch.

    Is jumin in love with Rika?

    It is possible that Jumin had romantic feelings toward Rika; however, when Rika asks him if they would have ended up together, Jumin tells her not to say things like that because they make him uncomfortable. It is possible that Jumin said that Rika was never meant to be his because he had romantic feelings for her.

    How did Rika hurt V’s eyes?

    Rika had the assumption that V would tell the other members about how she attempted to take the confidential material that V kept in her apartment. The deterioration of Rika’s mental state finally came to a head when she abused V, causing him to sustain the eye damage that would ultimately lead to his becoming blind.

    Is yoosung depressed?, Is yoosung depressed?, Does yoosung kill anyone?, Is jumin in love with Rika?, How did Rika hurt V’s eyes?

    Is yoosung depressed?

    Is BTS V is Colour blind?

    It was said that Taehyung suffered from monochromatic blindness, which meant that he could only see varying shades of gray. This condition would be comparable to viewing the world through an outdated black-and-white television screen. According to one of his supporters, even though there are a total of three distinct categories and subtypes of color blindness, none of them apply to him.

    How long were V and Rika together?

    9 years

    Did Rika kill Saeran mother?

    Despite the fact that she was abusive to Saeran, he is seen lamenting her loss after she passed away. It is revealed after the credits roll in the Rays Route ending that Mother Choi was, in fact, slain by Rika in self-defense. This occurs in the Good Ending of the story.

    Is Rika older than V?

    Therefore, V is Rika’s older brother by three years. Because a six-year age difference is considered to be a normal age gap in a relationship, technically speaking, this is not a major concern. However, this becomes a significant problem if you are of such a young age and lack emotional stability. Many people, at this point in their lives, are searching for who they are and what their lives are all about.

    Is yoosung depressed?, Is BTS V is Colour blind?, How long were V and Rika together?, Did Rika kill Saeran mother?, Is Rika older than V?

    Is yoosung depressed?

    Is Jaehee from Mystic Messenger a girl?

    One of the playable characters in Mystic Messenger who may be selected from the Casual Story option is Jaehee Kang, who is also the game’s only female character who has a path. In addition to her role as Jumin Hans’ assistant, she is the head secretary at C&R International. She is a good person who puts forth a lot of effort.

    What anime is 707 from?

    Channel for Sacred Messages

    What is Zen’s real name?

    Hyun Ryu

    Is yoosung a Korean name?

    Second, the name Yoosung is of Korean origin and may also be translated to mean “shooting star.” This meaning is also associated with the name.

    Is yoosung depressed?, Is Jaehee from Mystic Messenger a girl?, What anime is 707 from?, What is Zen’s real name?, Is yoosung a Korean name?

    Is yoosung depressed?

    Can you date Zen in Mystic Messenger?

    Zen is only playable in the Mystic Messengers Casual mode and is sort of the default love interest; he makes his interest apparent fairly early on, and the story of Mystic Messenger makes the most sense when you start with a Zen playthrough. Zen is a handsome man who is looking for love and is the only character in the game to be playable in this mode.

    Who is the most popular mystic messenger character?

    The Top 10 Characters Who Are Mystic Messengers
    1 707/Seven/Luciel Choi. Jumin comes in a very close second, but Seven is by far my top pick. – Oh wait, that assertion is a contradiction, rubbish!
    2 Zen/Hyun Ryu. There are a lot of reasons why I shouldn’t like him, but his nature makes it easy for me to look beyond all of those reasons.
    3 Jumin Han.
    4 Yoosung Kim.
    5 Unidentified.
    6 Jaehee Kang.
    7 versus 8 Elizabeth the Third

    Which Mystic Messenger ending is best?

    Channel for Sacred Messages Endings regular, good and Zen after ends In the event that there are less than 10 individuals present at the party, the story will conclude normally. You have to stick with the Zen path all the way up to the 11th level in order to reach the happy ending. In addition to that, you are required to have more than ten guests at the party.

    Who is best boy in Mystic Messenger?

    Characters That Are the Absolute Best in Mystic Messenger The Heads of the Pack
    Favorite characters from Luciel Choi’s Mystic Messenger 707, also known as Seven.
    Characters Sen and Hyun Ryu are considered to be the best in Mystic Messenger.
    Best Mystic Messenger characters Yoosung Kim.
    Characters from Mystic Messenger that are the best. Jaehee Kang.

    Is yoosung depressed?, Can you date Zen in Mystic Messenger?, Who is the most popular mystic messenger character?, Which Mystic Messenger ending is best?, Who is best boy in Mystic Messenger?

    Is yoosung depressed?

    Is vanderwood a guy?

    In spite of the fact that Seven sometimes refers to Vanderwood as a female character, the figure that they present is that of a male, and their voice has a male-sounding tone. Seven uses the male pronoun he when referring to Vanderwood in the graphic novel sequences that he creates for Seven, and Zen has expressed his disbelief that Vanderwood is a male character.

    Is Jaehee’s route worth it?

    If you’re seeking for a relationship along the lines of best friend, in my opinion, it’s absolutely worth it. But it could also be that I place a high priority on friendship routes and strong female characters, and that I just think the Jaehees path is so pure. I, too, saved it for one of the final paths, and I absolutely adored it. Absolutely worth every penny!

    How do you get the jumin bad relationship to end?

    Score less than 30 percent participation in the discussion or earn more hearts for another character than Jumin throughout the course of Days 5 through 7. This will end the bad relationship with Jumin. Jumin’s Bad Relationship, Option 2: After completing Day 7’s branch, you must achieve a score of less than 30 percent in the chat participation category or earn more hearts for another character than Jumin throughout Days 8 through 10.

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