What are the go Fest challenges?

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    What are the go Fest challenges?

    Global Challenges
    Water Great Throws were thrown 32.8 times, Grass Berries were used 17.8 times, Battle Raids were fought 2.2 times, and Friendship Gifts were provided 9.2 times.

    What is Gofest friendship challenge?

    Posing with your Lucky Friends and Avatar The third weekly challenge for GO Fest is all about celebrating one of the most crucial aspects of Pokmon GO: friendship. The challenge consists of tasks that revolve around your Buddy Pokmon, the other Trainers in the competition, and gifts. Date and timing of the event are as follows: Friday, July 17, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. to Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. local time

    What Pokemon will be spawning in Go Fest 2020?

    During the makeup event for Pokmon Go Fest 2020, the number of spawns of various types of Pokmon will increase gradually throughout the course of each hour.
    The following Pokémon are more likely to emerge in the Friendship biome because of its characteristics:

    What is friendship event in Pokemon go?

    During Friendship Day, you and your buddies can go Pokemon catching! Trainers, We are thrilled to announce the introduction of Friendship Day, a brand-new event that focuses on having a good time with your pals and taking advantage of a variety of in-game perks while playing Pokmon GO. In celebration of the first Friendship Day, grass-type Pokémon will show up in the wild more frequently than usual.

    What are the go Fest challenges?, What are the go Fest challenges?, What is Gofest friendship challenge?, What Pokemon will be spawning in Go Fest 2020?, What is friendship event in Pokemon go?

    What are the go Fest challenges?

    What Pokemon do you get from the friendship challenge?

    The following are some of them:
    Bulbasaur (shiny available) (shiny available)
    Oddish (shiny available) (shiny available)
    Bellsprout (shiny available) (shiny available)
    Alolan Exeggutor (shiny available)
    Tangela (shiny available) (shiny available)
    Chikorita (shiny available) (shiny available)
    Sunkern (shiny available) (shiny available)
    Treecko (shiny available) (shiny available)

    How do I get Giovanni research?

    In order to discover where Giovanni is hiding, you will need to approach each PokStop and conduct your own investigation. When you have located Giovanni, engage him in combat and prevail over him to come across a powerful and rare Shadow Pokemon. Please take note that Trainers are only eligible to receive Giovanni Special Research once per month.

    What happens if you purify Mewtwo?

    Purification will, in all intents and purposes, return a Shadow Pokémon to its normal form, with the added benefit of making that Pokémon easier and more affordable to level up. It also adds two points to each individual stat, which means that a Shadow Mewtwo with a total of thirteen IV points in attack, defense, and HP would become a 100% Mewtwo after receiving this ability.

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