What did Mineta say to ERI?

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    Carolina Orozco

    What did Mineta say to ERI?

    People need to realize that Mineta’s statement to Eri that he will “see you in 10 years” was merely a joke and should not be taken seriously in any way. It’s a very straightforward example of what some refer to as “black humor,” and it consists of Horikoshi telling a joke about something sinister through the one character in the show who would openly do something like that.

    Who is the ugliest character in MHA?

    Who do you think is the most repulsive character in the MHA series?
    Koji Koda. 7.6%
    Rikido Sato. 8.7% Minoru Mineta. 34.8%
    All In Favor Of One (Scarred) 44.6% Other (Comment) 4.3%

    Why is Mineta so small?

    I believe that Mineta isn’t as mature as the other pupils, which is why he appears to be so much smaller than the others in his class. Although he may be intelligent, he is not mature. Because of this, his body does not mirror his mental maturity by being physically developed. Because his physique reflects in his emotions and vice versa.

    Is Uraraka DEKU’s girlfriend?

    It has not been established that Deku and Uraraka are romantically involved in the canon universe—not yet, at any rate. In the meantime, Uraraka will be there for him through all of his hardships, especially when his quirk is making things difficult for him. Additionally, I will defend him from his tormentors (looking at you, Bakugo). Discuss the genuine goals you have for your partnership.

    What did Mineta say to ERI?, What did Mineta say to ERI?, Who is the ugliest character in MHA?, Why is Mineta so small?, Is Uraraka DEKU’s girlfriend?

    What did Mineta say to ERI?

    Does Uraraka die?

    Ochaco Uraraka, like a lot of other characters from the next generation, has a lot of untapped potential, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense for her to perish before she gets the chance to realize that potential. In addition, she has not yet established herself as a powerful Hero or accomplished the things she dreams of. As a result, it is highly unlikely that she will pass away in the near future.

    Is Uraraka the traitor?

    Deku used his abilities to save Uraraka for the very first time, which is ultimately what led to him being accepted into U.A. in the first place. However, a number of fans have brought out the fact that Uraraka’s financial circumstances makes the possibility of her being the traitor a distinct possibility. She hopes to become a hero for the money so that she can assist in the financial maintenance of her family.

    Does toga die in anime?

    It appeared as though she had passed away in the previous chapter, but fortunately for Toga fans (and unfortunately for the heroes), it appears that Toga has managed to survive despite the odds being stacked against her.

    Did toga cry when twice died?

    It came as a surprise to see one of the villains’ deaths lead to a sorrowful moment between Twice and Toga, despite the fact that the deaths of the heroes will undoubtedly make the audience cry when those heroes pass away. In chapter 266 of the series, Twice makes his final stand before being killed by Hawks, who stabs him in the back.

    What did Mineta say to ERI?, Does Uraraka die?, Is Uraraka the traitor?, Does toga die in anime?, Did toga cry when twice died?

    What did Mineta say to ERI?

    Is Natsuo dead?

    Since the only piece of him that was discovered was a fragment of his jaw, it was determined that he had passed away because it was thought that he had been fully consumed by fire. His passing had a profound impact on his loved ones, and despite the fact that it was an accident, Natsuo holds his father accountable for Toya’s passing.

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