What does edgy guy mean?

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    Aman Sutherland

    What does edgy guy mean?

    To be irritable, to have sharp or pointed corners, or to be unusual are all examples of the definition of the word “edgy.” A table made of metal is one example of anything that has an edge to it. Someone who is always irritated is a good illustration of an anxious person since they are always on edge. Someone who has lots of piercings and a multitude of tattoos is an excellent illustration of an edgy person. adjective.

    Is Sasuke an Edgelord?

    Both Sasuke and Sakura are worthless, stupid, and dumb b***hs, but Sasuke is an emo edgelord. The rookie members of Team Guys are of substantially higher quality. Neji, like Sasuke, is a genius given with genes that give him extraordinary vision; happily, though, unlike Sasuke, he is not an emotional edgelord who is obsessed with getting his own back on others.

    Why is Sasuke an emo?

    It wasn’t until Sasuke ran into Itachi a second time and got trounced by him near the end of the first section that he truly started acting out and becoming unstable. The beginning of the first portion of Sauce was rather depressing, much like the first time that everyone met Kakashi. Itachi eventually came back and transformed him into an edgelord for the rest of the series, after which he grew significantly less emo over time.

    What is Sasuke’s catchphrase?

    Itachi, and subsequently Sasuke Uchiha, would frequently utter the slogan “Mata Kondo Da,” which literally translates to “Again, the next time.”

    What does edgy guy mean?, What does edgy guy mean?, Is Sasuke an Edgelord?, Why is Sasuke an emo?, What is Sasuke’s catchphrase?

    What does edgy guy mean?

    Can you kill me calmly Sasuke?

    If you really want to kill me, then you should curse me, despise me, and lead a life that is both long and ugly. Get away from me and cling to your miserable life until the day that your eyes are the same color as mine, and then come stand in front of me. Naruto: Seriously, Sasuke, are you able to murder me in a cool and collected manner?

    Why is Itachi so badass?

    What is it about Itachi that makes him such a fan favorite while also being such a badass in the Naruto universe? Itachi is a hero because he was able to put aside all of his sentiments and act in a way that was for the better welfare of the village, which was also his village. Even if that meant murdering members of his own tribe or having his brother loathe him to the point of death.

    Who is more useless Sakura or Ino?

    She is a main character, but in that regard, she is useless when compared to Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto. In contrast, Ino, who is a far inferior character, does not squander as much screen time as Sakura does. Therefore, Sakura is much less important to the story’s overall progression. However, Ino would be significantly less useful in a combat situation.

    Why is Ino so useless?

    People often consider her to be of no use because of her reputation for being ineffective in one-on-one battles, despite the fact that she has never been in such a battle since passing the Chunnin Exams, and because of her fight against Kakuzu, in which all she did was throw a kunai at him.

    What does edgy guy mean?, Can you kill me calmly Sasuke?, Why is Itachi so badass?, Who is more useless Sakura or Ino?, Why is Ino so useless?

    What does edgy guy mean?

    Is Ino worse than Sakura?

    Sakura was seen on TV for one thousand times longer than Ino was. In spite of this, unexpectedly continued to be of less use than Ino.

    Is Ino smarter than Sakura?

    As evidenced by the chunin examinations, although Ino is not as book clever as Sakura, she is an exceptionally intelligent fighter. Because even Sakura was once duped by Inos’s strategy in the chnin examinations, and the pink-haired kunoichi is wiser than the blonde kunoichi, I mentioned that she was capable of doing it, but I did not say that she would.

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