What is the best class for lysithea?

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    Rahima Leigh

    What is the best class for lysithea?

    The Dancer/Gremory Lysithea Since Lysithea is the finest mage class in the game, it would be foolish to promote her to another one. In addition to learning dark magic rather than black magic, she also possesses an excessively high magic stat that allows all of her talents to eliminate adversaries with a single attack.

    What is the best class for Ignatz?

    The best class for a Mercenary Ignatz. Axe. Sword.
    Thief. Fortress Knight. Sword. Bow. Archer. Sword. Bow. Swordmaster. Sword. Assassin. Sword. Bow. Sword, axe, heavy armor
    Bow, Mortal Savant, and Sniper. Sword. Motive.

    What class should Petra be?

    Level 5 Class Petra Mcneary Character Level 10 Class
    Brigand Petra Myrmidon, Mercenary Soldier, Pegasus Knight

    Is Ignatz a good mortal savant?

    Archwing3441 is the user name. Ignatz is likely the best golden deer for mortal genius, in my opinion. His stat growth in magic and strength is equal, with a small 5% slant toward strength. He is proficient with the sword and reason. Of course, he’s also among the game’s top bow knights.

    What is the best class for lysithea?, What is the best class for lysithea?, What is the best class for Ignatz?, What class should Petra be?, Is Ignatz a good mortal savant?

    What is the best class for lysithea?

    Is Ignatz a good dancer?

    Ignatz is the alternate choice. He has a strong foundation in the sword at E+ and benefits from Dancer’s assistance with his authority competence. His budding talent is encouragement and reason, which enables him to deal 6 strength damage to the target of his attack.

    Is Dancer good three houses?

    A helpful class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the Dancer. Although it is somewhat specialized, the proper unit may do wonders with it. The fact that you can’t use Manuela as Dancer is the strongest reason against her being the right choice. In actuality, NO ONE who is not given the student position is permitted to perform as a dancer.

    What does the dancer class do in three houses?

    In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Dancer class is only available to students. A dancer energizes ally units, enabling them to move once more after their initial action. Swords or magic can also be used by this class to deal above-average damage.

    What is Flayns real name?


    What is the best class for lysithea?, Is Ignatz a good dancer?, Is Dancer good three houses?, What does the dancer class do in three houses?, What is Flayns real name?

    What is the best class for lysithea?

    Can dancers use dark magic three houses?

    The Dancer class in Three Houses is not specific to any one character, however only one character can access the Dancer class at a time. The class is skilled in swords and authority, and it is also capable of using magic based on reason and faith. Additionally, this is the first game in which men can play dancers.

    Can dancers use axes three houses?

    Yes, but doing anything other than dancing would not be worthwhile. They will be average even if you keep them around as a backup healer and teach them some offensive spells to bolster their defense.

    Is Mercedes a good dancer?

    Making him a dancer won’t cost you anything. Mercedes is also a respectable choice. She doesn’t have any useful spells or very effective offensive spells, therefore her spell set is pretty weak.
    Lysthea Monk’s ideal class. Faith, logic, and magic. Priest, faith, and reason. Reason, Faith, Sword, Bow, Warlock, Assassin, and Bishop, faith, and reason. Faith, Mortal Savant, reason, reason, and reason.

    Can lysithea use Thunderbrand?

    Thunderbrand can be used by Lysithea.

    What is the best class for lysithea?, Can dancers use dark magic three houses?, Can dancers use axes three houses?, Is Mercedes a good dancer?, Can lysithea use Thunderbrand?

    What is the best class for lysithea?

    Why is lysithea so good?

    Why is she so talented? The main attraction of Lysithea is her Min-Maxed Stat Growths. She possesses all the necessary stats, with a 60% in Magic/Dexterity and a 50% in Speed, to maximize her attacking potential. She learns the powerful Hades, Dark Spikes (high Might, Effective against Cavalry), and Luna spells for her Dark Magic.

    Does Byleth lose crest of flames?

    Several corrections Byleth retains the Crest of Flames, but the Sothiss Crest Stone that is encrusted in their heart dissolves. The Crest Stones are under Rhea’s control. Additionally, Aymr is a Crest Stone weapon created to Edelgard’s specs rather than a Sothis weapon.

    Why does Edelgard kill Rhea?

    Why does Edelgard abduct her rather than simply killing her? She makes it quite apparent in her own route that one of her main objectives is to destroy Rhea, whom she believes to be largely responsible for the difficulties with the stagnated nobility and crest. She even labels Rhea a beast, indicating that she is aware of what Rhea is.

    How do you not kill Flayn?

    If the professor defeats Flayn and Seteth during their final battle, you can prevent murdering them because instead of dying if any of your other characters do, they will teleport away and hide.

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