Who are the best crew members in GTA 5?

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    Francis Riggs

    Who are the best crew members in GTA 5?

    These are the best available options:
    Driver 1 Taliana Martinez (5%)
    Driver 2 Karim Denz (8%)
    Gunman 1 Daryl Johns (6% of the votes)
    Gunman 2 Norman Richards or Hugh Welsh, both with 7% of the vote

    Does Chef die in GTA 5?

    Because Chef is a very proficient gunner and has a heist cut of 12%, he is a fantastic pick as an experienced crew member while still maintaining a fair price. Chef is a chef. In The Paleo Score, he is not killed and even receives praise from Michael, who says something to the effect of “Hey T, your man is extremely good.”

    What happened to Mr K in GTA 5?

    The events that took place in GTA V The IAA abducted Kerimov around six weeks earlier and fabricated his death in order to remove him from the record. They then held him as an intelligence asset and potential jihadist for the purpose of debriefing him.

    Which gunman should I hire in GTA V?

    As for the gunmen, if you follow the standard procedure, you should pair your highest-leveled gunman with Franklin and give the lowest-leveled gunman to Michael. This is the best strategy if you take the obvious route. At this stage in the game, Daryl Johns should be your leveled-up gunman, and Norm Richards should be the other one.

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    Who are the best crew members in GTA 5?

    How do you unlock Paige casino heist?

    In order to unlock Paige Harris Client Jobs in GTA Online, the player must first buy a Nightclub and then buy the Terrorbyte. Neither of these can be done in any other order.

    Which hacker is best for casino heist?

    The player must first select the gunman, driver, and hacker that they want to use for the robbery from the menu on the upper left of the screen. The more skilled they are, the larger a percentage of the overall money they receive as their cut. This is a list of the optional members of the crew.
    Yohan Blair, the Hacker
    5%sProvided TimesUndetecteds2:52

    How do I hack Paige Harris?

    Any player who possesses a Terrorbyte has the opportunity to recruit Paige Harris as a member of their Heist Crew. If Paige is chosen as the hacker for the Casino Heist, she grants the players an additional 3 minutes and 25 seconds in the vault, provided that they do not draw attention to themselves upon entering it. She has agreed to give 2 minutes and 23 seconds in the safe house if the squad is discovered.

    Is artwork good for casino heist?

    Casino Heist: The Highest Possible Payout Table Take note that the very first time you pull off the heist, you will always get cash as your reward. Subsequent times, however, you stand a chance of receiving artwork, gold, or diamonds instead. It is better to acquire artwork rather than cash, not only because you may sell it for a higher price but also because the paintings themselves can be obtained more quickly and with less effort.

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