Who is India No 1 YouTuber?

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    Francis Riggs

    Who is India No 1 YouTuber?

    According to this research, Ajey Nagar, who is known for creating comedic material and is also a gamer, is the most successful individual YouTuber to come from India. At the moment, Nagar’s channel CarryMinati has in excess of 25.7 million members.

    Who is Asia’s no1 YouTuber?

    Carryminati is a YouTuber.

    Who is Asia’s most subscribed Youtuber?

    channels with the most subscribers As of April 2021, the Indian music video channel T-Series has 181 million followers, making it the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

    Who is Pakistan No 1 Youtuber?

    The month of January in 2021
    1 1 ARY Digital Subscribers Subscribers 10 700 000
    6 840 000 People are currently subscribed to HUM TV.
    Subscribers to 3 3 Coke Studio total 8 430 000; subscribers to 4 4 Geo News total 5 410 000; and subscribers to 5 5 SAMAA TV total 4 390 000

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    Who is India No 1 YouTuber?

    Who is the biggest gaming Youtuber in India?

    The Top 1000 Video Game Channels on YouTube With the Most Subscribers in India
    Subscribers from Influencers 1 Total Gaming @Total Gaming Total Gaming
    2 Techno Gamerz @Techno Gamerz 16M
    3 A S Gaming @A S Gaming 10.8M
    4 Levinho @Levinho 10.1M

    Who is top gamers in India?

    To that end, let’s take a look at the most comprehensive list of top Indian gamers on YouTube, all of whom you ought to subscribe to in 2020 if you want to maintain your standing in the gaming world.
    Dynamo Gaming.
    Carry is a form of live.
    Shub, the Beast Boy
    Hindustan Gamer.
    Known as Onespot Gaming.
    Gyan Gaming.
    Sunil Gamer.

    Who is the best girl gamer Youtuber?


    Do guys like girl gamers?

    To clarify, this is only relevant for guys who play video games, but in general, the answer is yes: guys adore female gamers. My theory is that it has more to do with how common something is. The proportion of males who enjoy playing video games is often quite high, whereas the proportion of females who do so is substantially smaller.

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