Who is the strongest Sith Lord ever?

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    Aman Sutherland

    Who is the strongest Sith Lord ever?

    The evil Darth Sidious

    Is Rey a Windu?

    This will make your stomach churn. Indeed, Rey is Mace Windu’s daughter in every sense of the word. Additionally, Danny Devito is Yoda’s father, while Dave Chappelle is the real father of Finn.

    Who is stronger Luke or Rey?

    Not only is Rey more powerful than Luke, but she also possesses the same amount of strength as all of the other Jedi combined. When you take into account the fact that she is a Palpatine, you will have the solution to your question. When compared to Luke at roughly the same age, she possessed a much more advanced understanding of the Force than he did at the same time.

    Is starkiller more powerful than Rey?

    Who would emerge victorious in a fight between Darth Starkiller and Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? In spite of the fact that he operates with a focus on raw power rather than esoteric skills (even if, due to the nature of his upbringing and the era in which he lived, that is all he can actually achieve), he is significantly more powerful than Rey.

    Who is the strongest Sith Lord ever?, Who is the strongest Sith Lord ever?, Is Rey a Windu?, Who is stronger Luke or Rey?, Is starkiller more powerful than Rey?

    Who is the strongest Sith Lord ever?

    Can Darth Vader beat Starkiller?

    It is rumored that Vader’s clone is more powerful than the original, despite the fact that Starkiller was able to destroy him in the first Force Unleashed game.

    Can starkiller beat Palpatine?

    When asked in the original question, “Why was it that starkiller was able to beat Vader and Sidious?” Because The Force Unleashed is a video game and Starkiller is the player character in the game, he was able to triumph against Darth Vader and Darth Sidious. If you continue to play the game, Starkiller will ultimately emerge victorious.

    Why did Vader betrays Starkiller?

    The word “betray” suggests that Darth Vader and Starkiller ever had any sort of emotional connection to one another. After he found out about Galen’s power while he was a child, he raised him as a covert apprentice for his own personal gain. At first, it appeared as though Darth Sidious had only become aware of Starkiller during the course of the main game and given Vader the order to eliminate him.

    Did starkiller kill Vader?

    The second installment of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed When the game comes to a close, the player has the option of selecting either the dark-side or the light-side conclusion. Either way, Starkiller will save Juno and capture Vader at the conclusion of the light-side scenario. However, in the conclusion that follows the dark side, Starkiller is wounded by the Dark Apprentice, who is another successful clone trained by Vader. This occurs moments before Starkiller can kill Vader.

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