Who shot Brad GTA 5?

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    Elen Jackson

    Who shot Brad GTA 5?

    Dave Norton

    Does Trevor forgive Michael?

    Even though Trevor desperately wanted to, he was unable to save Michael. Because he was so preoccupied with the massive heist of the union treasury, he came to his rescue. It appears that Trevor has forgiven Michael. When you play the role of Trevor and hang out with Mike, he will apologize to Trevor for how he misled him and offer to give Trevor his share of the money.

    Are Michael and Trevor still friends?

    When Franklin and Trevor finally come face to face, Franklin reveals his plans, and Trevor immediately labels Franklin a betrayer in the same vein as Michael. Although Michael and Franklin are still friends after Michael’s murder of Trevor, Michael will no longer socialize with Franklin and will use the excuse that he needs time to process his grief over Trevor’s passing.

    Why do Michael and Trevor hate each other?

    The fact that Trevor struggles with feelings of abandonment is addressed on multiple occasions. Not only did Michael deceive Trevor by telling him he was dead when he hadn’t been (anyone else would be angry about that too), but Michael also left Trevor behind when he pretended to be dead. This is the primary reason why he despises Michael.

    Who shot Brad GTA 5?, Who shot Brad GTA 5?, Does Trevor forgive Michael?, Are Michael and Trevor still friends?, Why do Michael and Trevor hate each other?

    Who shot Brad GTA 5?

    Is Trevor actually crazy?

    This could not be further from the truth; in reality, Trevor is a completely sane individual who is putting on an act so that the rival gangs in Sandy Shores remain intimidated. However, many people assume that he is a blatant psychopath who uses robberies and drug smuggling as an excuse to harm others; however, this could not be further from the truth.

    Why did Michael fake his death GTA?

    One of the three main characters in Grand Theft Auto V, Michael De Santa, also known as Michael Townley, is one of the game’s three protagonists along with Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. Michael is a career criminal who stole money from banks in the past and faked his own death so that he could settle down with his family in Los Santos and have a quiet life.

    How old is Jimmy de Santa?

    Jimmy De Santa
    James De Santa
    Date of Birth: 1993 Age: 28 Nationality: United States of America Hometown: North Yankton (Formerly), Rockford Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas

    Is Michael from GTA V dead?

    Regrettably, there have also been a handful of people on the website spreading rumors that the actor has passed away. However, each of these assertions is wholly incorrect. Luke has also just posted a picture on his social media accounts in which he expresses gratitude to his supporters and expresses optimism that he will soon be released from hospital.

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