Who was Darth Sidious afraid of?

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    Elen Jackson

    Who was Darth Sidious afraid of?

    According to the opinions of 472 Star Wars fans, nobody else has been able to top the fear that Mace Windu instilled in Palpatine during their epic confrontation in Revenge of the Sith.

    Was Darth Sidious more powerful than Yoda?

    During the course of the Galactic Civil War, Palpatine amassed an incredible amount of power during the course of the conflict, and it is likely that he was riding very high on the evil side when he confronted Yoda. But even if they were on equal footing in terms of power, it’s possible that Palpatine’s limitless ambition and unrelenting pursuit of dominance would have prevailed against Yoda’s resolute morality.

    Why is Darth Sidious so powerful?

    The fact that Palpatine had one of the most skilled Sith masters of all time instruct him in the ways of the dark side, in addition to the fact that he found a highly potent kyber crystal that gave him an incredible boost in his power with the force, is what explains why Palpatine became so powerful.

    Why did Yoda not kill Sidious?

    Yoda was unable to beat Palpatine or perform as well against him as Windu did due to a multitude of variables, including his advanced age and physical condition in comparison to Palpatine and Windu. In conclusion, Yoda was not successful in either of these endeavors. Because of his perspective on the use of the Force, he did not believe in engaging in overt antagonism or hatred.

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    Who was Darth Sidious afraid of?

    Why did Darth Sidious run from Yoda?

    Why did Darth Sideous run from Yoda? He fled because Sidious was not an idiot and chased after him. It is a fact that Yoda was already far into his senior years. When it came to fighting, Yoda relied heavily on his Force Valor.

    Who can beat Darth Sidious?

    Darth Sidious is 24 times more powerful. Despite this, Vader (Anakin) has always had a talent for strategy. Once he realized that Luke could beat him by giving in to the evil side, he resorted to the same bait-and-switch tactic that Palpatine had used on Windu to defeat Sidious for good. Palpatine had used this tactic on Windu to destroy Sidious.

    Is starkiller the most powerful Jedi ever?

    No one other than the author believes that Starkiller is the most powerful Sith in the Star Wars universe, but this opinion is widely held. It appeared as though Galen Marek was not only one of the most powerful Sith Lords, but also one of the most powerful Force-users in the entirety of the Star Wars universe. However, he is not the most powerful Sith in reality.

    How does Rey get Leia’s lightsaber?

    After deciding not to continue with the program, Leia gives her brother Luke the lightsaber, and he carries it with him throughout the years he spends in self-imposed exile on Ahch-To. Luke, in his role as a force spirit, shows Rey the location of Leia’s secret saber, which Rey thereafter employs to win the battle against Palpatine on Exegol. In the end, Rey chooses to honor Leia’s memory by burying the weapon on Tatooine.

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