Why does Ilya want to kill shirou?

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    Elen Jackson

    Why does Ilya want to kill shirou?

    It had been considered a betrayal that Kiritsugu had intended to destroy the Holy Grail, and it appears that this is the reason why Illya has chosen to especially target Shirou as his opponent. Shirou is taken captive by Illya after Saber’s battle with Rider has left her in a weakened state. Illya offers for him to become her servant, but he declines the offer.

    Why did emiya kill Illya?

    It was then that he came to the realization that his principles were flawed, and that if he sacrificed the few in order to save the many, in the end, he would have to sacrifice everyone. As a result, he decided to kill Ilya while he was inside the grail.

    Does shirou become Archer?

    Yes, Emiya Shirou. In a another version of history, Shirou evolves into a Counter Guardian, a figure who guards the equilibrium of the world. During the Fifth Holy Grail War, his Heroic Spirit takes the form of Archer; nevertheless, this Shirou is not the innocent youth we are familiar with.

    Why did Archer gave shirou his arm?

    Archer adapts his behavior to fit each environment he finds himself in. In HF, Archer noticed the transformation that had occurred to Shirou and opted to aid him rather than kill him. Despite this, the assistance that Archer provided Shirou was also a way to ensure that he would be killed, since Shirou was ultimately killed by the arm.

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    Why does Ilya want to kill shirou?

    How did Archer survive Ubw?

    Regardless of how it occurred, Gil’s GoB rain did not kill him (he is not the only one who has survived it, in fact), and he did not waste any prana trying to repair himself after he was not killed. He holds on for nearly a day and a half, during which time he is able to project Rho Aias, one sword rain, and one arrow before his health begins to go.

    How does Archer die in heavens feel?

    In Heavens Feel, Archer decides not to carry out his plan to assassinate Shirou and instead focuses on performing his responsibilities as a Counter Guardian in order to eradicate the darkness. Archer sustains fatal wounds and severe damage to his core while battling Black Saber and the Shadow. As a result, he succumbs to his injuries and dies.

    Will shirou look like Archer?

    Shirou, who participated in the Fifth Grail War, would gain around 20 centimeters in height as Archer. In contrast to his counterpart, the assassin Kiritsugu possesses white hair and a tanned complexion, similar like EMIYA (Archer). It is likely that his hair and skin color changed as a result of his overuse of Time Alter magecraft, as this is the most likely explanation.

    Did Archer kill Sakura?

    She becomes Sakura’s servant after being tainted by the Shadow, a manifestation of Angra Mainyu, which corrupts her. In the most dramatic moment of the story, Shirou and Rider join forces to put an end to her life.

    Why does Ilya want to kill shirou?, How did Archer survive Ubw?, How does Archer die in heavens feel?, Will shirou look like Archer?, Did Archer kill Sakura?

    Why does Ilya want to kill shirou?

    Does shirou know who Archer is?

    It seems that Shirou constantly switches between knowing and not knowing what’s going on. In one of the scenes, he refers to Archer as the only Servant who would have been conversant with modern electricity throughout his lifetime. Additionally, when he first meets Archer, he refers to him as the man who shares the same origin as I do.

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