Why does Megatron kill Optimus?

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    Emmy Mcfarland

    Why does Megatron kill Optimus?

    Megatron is NOT considered to be a prime. In the animated show, he was a member of a different tribe that lived on the same planet. In my view, Optimus Prime did not possess the same level of power as the other Original Primes. Because of this, Megatron was able to defeat him and kill him.

    Why do fallen hate humans?

    The Fallen came across an ancient race of hunters just as they were finishing up the building of the Star Harvester. The Primes referred to their law on the sanctity of life and stated that they would not allow the Harvester to be activated. On the other hand, the Fallen looked down on humanity as nothing more than mindless insects and attempted to activate the Harvester.

    Why did Megatron let Optimus kill him?

    Because of this, Optimus Prime was successful in overthrowing the dictatorship of Sentinel Prime with the assistance of Megatron and the other Decepticons. After the battle, Optimus Prime was forced to eliminate Megatron in order to stop him from wreaking havoc on Cybertron.

    Can grimlock beat Optimus Prime?

    Grimlock is among the most powerful of the Transformers, and in most alternate realities, he is possibly on par with or even more powerful than Optimus Prime and Megatron. When he transforms into a Tyrannosaurus rex, his powerful jaws are capable of tearing through practically everything that gets in his way.

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    Why does Megatron kill Optimus?

    Are Optimus and Bumblebee friends?

    Optimus Prime and Bumblebee continue to be very good friends. Bumblebee looks up to Optimus as a father figure and considers him a mentor. They were involved in the conflict on Cybertron and on Earth at the same time and share a history together. Throughout both seasons of Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Robots in Disguise, their relationship remained the same.

    Can Shockwave beat Optimus?

    While Sentinel pretty much just remained there on the building and insulted the Autobots the entire time, Shockwave was mercilessly battered by NEST and the Wreckers before Optimus put an end to his suffering.

    Can Optimus beat Sentinel?

    Sentinel served as Optimus’s trainer, and Optimus was powerless against Sentinel in hand-to-hand battle. It took a large number of autobots, the military, and even Optimus himself to bring him down, and even then, he continued to put up a fight even after he was defeated.

    Why did Sentinel Prime turn bad?

    It was originally planned for Sentinel Prime to make a warp jump to Earth so that he and Megatron could rebuild Cybertron. Nevertheless, before he could make the warp jump, Decepticon airships delivered tremendous damage towards the Ark, which caused Sentinel Prime to crash land on the dark side of the moon by accident.

    Why does Megatron kill Optimus?, Are Optimus and Bumblebee friends?, Can Shockwave beat Optimus?, Can Optimus beat Sentinel?, Why did Sentinel Prime turn bad?

    Why does Megatron kill Optimus?

    Why does Megatron keep Starscream around?

    Megatron has the expectation that one day someone, possibly Starscream, will take control of the Decepticons away from him because he believes that the Decepticons should be ruled by the strongest. For the purpose of warding off complacency, Megatron keeps Starscream close by.

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