Why does Nintendo hate the Smash community?

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    Rahima Leigh

    Why does Nintendo hate the Smash community?

    However, it would be premature to claim that he despises competitive Smash; all he wants is for everyone to be able to enjoy playing the games. Casual players make up a large portion of the gaming community. They must be drawn into the Smash community, and Sakurai wants them to stick around.

    Why does Nintendo not like melee?

    It resulted from online Melee operating on the PC, which needed ISO files that occasionally came from illegal versions of Melee. Even though Nintendo no longer sells copies of Melee and the ISO files can be gotten from legal copies, Nintendo presented their cease and desist letter as a battle against piracy.

    Why did Nintendo stop melee?

    Melee that necessitates playing illegally copied copies of the game while also using the Slippi mod

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