Why is gintoki so lazy?

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    Libbie McCartney

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    The solution is not complicated at all. The reason for this is that he does not wish to be. He enjoys reading Jump comics because they let other characters to take the stage. He is worn out from playing the role of the war hero himself, leading armies while still in his middle to late teens, wreaking havoc on Amanto warriors, and shielding his companions.

    Who has gintoki slept with?


    Is gintoki virgin?

    malophilia stated that there is no chance Gintoki is a virgin because he is only depicted going to brothels throughout the war. Who can say for sure when it comes to guys? It was a rather common and socially acceptable orientation for Samurai to be gay at the period.

    Who is gintoki’s girlfriend?

    Sarutobi Ayame: Sarutobi perceives Tsukuyo as a love rival standing between her and Sakata Gintoki.

    Why is gintoki so lazy?, Why is gintoki so lazy?, Who has gintoki slept with?, Is gintoki virgin?, Who is gintoki’s girlfriend?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    Is gintoki dead?

    It has been five years in this world, and during that time, not only has the land of Edo been transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it is also said that Gintoki has passed away. Gintoki was infected with a virus that had been dormant for a certain amount of time, and the futures Gintoki fought to protect themselves from the infection vanished.

    Does gintoki have a son?

    He is the son of Hashida Kantarou and Ofusa and their name is Hashida Kanshichirou.

    Is Tsukuyo in love with gintoki?

    Tsukuyo plays a significant role once more in this story. The purpose of this arc is to demonstrate to Tsukuyo that she must accept the fact that she has always loved Gintoki no matter what. Because until to this plot point, she had never fully acknowledged to herself that she genuinely cares for him.

    Who is gintoki’s best friend?


    Why is gintoki so lazy?, Is gintoki dead?, Does gintoki have a son?, Is Tsukuyo in love with gintoki?, Who is gintoki’s best friend?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    How old is gintoki?

    around 25 to 26 years of age

    Does Kondo marry OTAE?

    Timeskip Arc After another two years, he calls it quits as a Shinsengumi Commander and gets married to Otae.

    Who is OTAE pregnant with?

    It appeared as though Sadaharu had transformed into a person, and that Otose, Catherine, and Tama had adopted his appearance. Otae was married to Kondo and newly pregnant; Shinpachi was given the opportunity to work for the Shinsengumi (thanks to Kondo), and he accepted.

    Is OTAE pregnant gintama?

    Otae does not appear to be pregnant either.

    Why is gintoki so lazy?, How old is gintoki?, Does Kondo marry OTAE?, Who is OTAE pregnant with?, Is OTAE pregnant gintama?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    Can I skip Gintama movie?

    This film is a continuation of Enchousen and is titled Gintama: Kanketsu hen Yorozuya to Eien Nare. This movie was originally planned and developed to be part of the canon, but that has since changed. Therefore, you should not watch this movie.

    Does gintama have romance?

    Gintama is a unique Shounen series because it combines a great deal of humor and romance in its narrative. It stands to reason that a show that has experienced everything there is to experience would also have some insight into the art of romance.

    Does gintoki end up with anyone?

    There will probably not be an official partner for Gintoki, which will leave the door open for a potential pairing in the end, but I won’t completely exclude the possibility. Tsukuyo definitely has the best possibilities of getting connected with Gintoki if she does end up getting involved with someone. Although I have feelings for Tsukuyo, I do not want him to end up with her, and I do not believe that Sorachi will end up in a relationship with anyone.

    Does gintoki have PTSD?

    During the Joi-Amanto War, it is common knowledge that Gintoki played a significant role. We are also aware that he has experienced a great deal of misfortune. I have a strong suspicion that Gintoki is suffering from acute PTSD; this would explain the fish eyes.

    Why is gintoki so lazy?, Can I skip Gintama movie?, Does gintama have romance?, Does gintoki end up with anyone?, Does gintoki have PTSD?

    Why is gintoki so lazy?

    Is gintoki stronger than Naruto?

    Still, Gintoki comes out on top. To begin, this individual is almost impossible to harm in any way. Even if Naruto were to employ his truth-seeking balls, Gintoki is still far faster. So incredibly quick that even Naruto is unable to keep up with him.

    Who can defeat gintoki?

    Everyone has a complicated history and background, and they are all simply trying to take things one day at a time, frequently offering incredibly profound and philosophical advice to people who are in need. And, out of all of Watanabe’s characters, the one that comes the closest to matching Gin’s fighting prowess is none other than his grease samurai, Mugen.

    Who is the strongest character?

    The Top 20 Most Resilient Characters in the History of the World
    #8: Wonder Woman.
    #7: Thanos.
    #6: Thor.
    Rank 5: Unicron.
    The fourth spot goes to the mighty Hulk.
    #3: Saitama.
    #2: Goku. The world of Dragon Ball Z is replete of characters with excessively powerful abilities, such as Zeno (zeno) and Beerus (BEER-iss), but because they are true gods, their abilities break the omnipotence rule.
    #1: Superman. It is expected that this will spark debate.

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