Grealish is “buzzing” about the Newcastle star and he texted Targett an apology for his earlier remark

Jack Grealish, a star player for Manchester City, told The Mail that he is “buzzing” for Newcastle ace Miguel Almiron despite the comments that Almiron made during City’s title parade. Grealish also claimed that Almiron texted Matt Targett and asked him to apologize on his behalf.

The remarks have gained widespread notoriety. Grealish, who had just won the Premier League title with City the previous season, appeared in a video in which he was intoxicated and said that Riyad Mahrez “played like Almiron” in the match between the two teams. A new chapter begins with this new season.

The fire is coming from Almiron. He has scored eight goals in 15 Premier League matches, with seven of those tallies coming in Newcastle’s most recent eight league contests. The former star player for Atlanta is now demonstrating why Rafa Benitez spent £20 million to bring him to this club in January 2019.

Grealish’s comments have been made fun of because Almiron has been performing so well, and especially because his numbers have been a pale reflection of Almiron’s. Grealish clarified the situation when he was asked about it for the very first time, saying that he is “buzzing” for the Toon man.

“I swore to you, but I’m actually buzzing because of the way he’s responded. The other day, he made a remark during an interview in which he expressed his best wishes for me. When I heard that, my first thought was, “what a guy.” If someone had said that about me, I’m pretty sure I’d have taken it the other way.

“I messaged Matt Targett because I’m close with him from Villa, and I asked him, ‘can you message him for me and say to him that I’m sorry?’ Matt Targett said that he would. Believed that the video was off-limits. However, I should not have said anything to him because he is a colleague in the field.

Grealish is interested in signing Newcastle’s star player Almiron, and he has apologized to Targett.

Grealish brings up the fact that he hasn’t been questioned about the uproar his comments caused and makes the point that this should be done. The uproar that has been caused as a direct result of Almiron’s outstanding performance in 22-23. It is abundantly clear that he regrets the comment and is attempting to make amends for it.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that just because Grealish does not have the same statistics as Almiron does not mean that he is performing poorly on the field. Grealish would like to see more goals and assists, but attacking style and contribution encompass more than just those two categories.

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