Henderson gives his thoughts on Bellingham, a player both Liverpool and Chelsea are interested in

After England’s 3-0 victory over Senegal at the Qatar World Cup, Jordan Henderson commented on Liverpool and Chelsea transfer target Jude Bellingham, saying that the player has a “unique” mentality and that he is someone who is a “one-off.” Liverpool and Chelsea are both interested in acquiring Bellingham.

As the Liverpool midfielder explained to beIN SPORTS (04/12/22 at 9:20 pm), Bellingham, who is only 19 years old and a star for Borussia Dortmund, should be allowed to ‘enjoy’ playing the way he wants to because he is currently performing at the highest level of his game.

When they saw Bellingham drive through Senegal’s midfield and assist Henderson for England’s first goal against the African champions, fans of Liverpool likely leaped out of their seats in excitement. Henderson scored the opening goal for England.

While those at Anfield are eager to see that partnership play out on Merseyside, the deep pockets of Chelsea’s new owner Todd Bohely want to throw a wrench into that transfer party. It is suggested that Chelsea is ‘obsessed’ with beating the Reds and Manchester City to the signature of their target player, and Bohely wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.

As a matter of fact, there is one thing that is certain: whoever secures Bellingham’s talents for the long-term will have someone who could probably argue that they are the best teenage talent in the world right now. Henderson spoke highly of his England teammate, and Henderson praised Bellingham.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t really know what else to say about him,” said Henderson. “I’m at a loss for words.” “He possesses an incredible frame of mind. A phenomenal performer on the field.

“I believe that he has demonstrated, not in this tournament, but rather over the course of a good few months now, just how good of a player he is. Obviously, he has room for growth and can get even better.

“But what we’re discussing here is a player with a mindset that’s unlike any other. Because he is an anomaly, we can’t risk not allowing him to participate in the football game. He is only 19, so he should be allowed to take advantage of this while he can.


The buzz surrounding Bellingham was already at an all-time high well before the first match of the World Cup in Qatar was even played.

The results that he is currently achieving on the most important stage in football are only serving to heighten the anticipation surrounding the all-action midfielder and shine an even brighter light on him.

Not in the summer, but in the middle of winter, the top clubs in Europe are going to be clamoring to sign the player that Borussia Dortmund has in their possession.

At that point, he will need to make a significant decision. Should he continue his rapid progression in Dortmund, where he is still a teenager, and continue to play for Dortmund? Does he at long last make his debut in the Premier League? Or does he move up to La Liga and try to become one of the most successful players in Spain?

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