How to use the Meitu AI Art filter for that anime look is trending on Twitter

The most recent trend in internet culture is Meitu’s AI Art filter, which enables users to create anime pictures of themselves; the following is an explanation of how to use the filter.

If you’ve noticed that your TikTok and Twitter feeds are filled with anime pictures, then it’s likely because a popular photo editing app has once again gained the attention of the public.

Meitu users were able to transform themselves into anime characters with a filter that was just recently released, which contributed to the app’s meteoric rise to popularity in 2017.

The following is a guide on how to use the AI Art filter within the app to create anime pictures of either yourself or someone else.

What is Meitu?

Meitu is a Chinese photo and video editing application which uses artificial intelligence to create realistic pictures of anime characters.

The app, which is very similar to Instagram and Snapchat, features a variety of filters that you can apply to your photos in order to transform yourself into captivating characters.

The website has been around since 2008, but it gained widespread attention in 2017 due to the dreamy hand-drawn pictures that it featured. Following its meteoric rise to popularity in the United States, more than one billion people around the world downloaded the app.

Meitu is accessible to users of Apple and Android devices, but the application is only currently available in China and a few other countries and regions.

Instructions for using the Meitu AI Art filter

After many users shared their anime-inspired images across TikTok and Twitter, the AI Art filter that Meitu offers has become the most recent topic of conversation on social media platforms.

In order to generate an anime picture and make use of Meitu’s AI Art filter, the following steps will need to be taken:
You can get Meitu by searching for it in the App or Play store and downloading it.
After that, you should select the AI Art filter within the app and then upload the photo that you want to edit.
The application will provide you with a variety of choices that are anime-inspired.
You can save the pictures to your device and then share them.

You can take your pictures of anime to a whole new level by using a third-party app to draw a picture of your favorite character. This will allow you to take your pictures to a level that was previously unattainable.

After that, you can use Meitu’s AI Art filter to turn your original drawing into an anime by transforming it into a digital version of the drawing you made by hand.

Twitter users upload images of their favorite anime characters.

Twitter users have been posting the incredible images that were produced by Meitu’s AI Art filter, and other users have been sharing them. Take a look at some of the amazing characters from anime that other people have shared.

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