Ian Wright responds to Roy Keane’s criticism of English Tottenham player Michael Dawson by saying, “I didn’t.”

Ian Wright disagreed with Roy Keane’s assessment that Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane appeared “sluggish” during England’s World Cup match against Senegal on Sunday in Qatar. Keane had said that Kane appeared “sluggish” during the match.

Kane scored his first goal of the competition after going through the group stages without scoring, despite the fact that he was still one of the best players on his team. England breezed through the last-16 stage against the champions of Africa, and Kane scored his first goal of the tournament.

Despite the fact that Kane scored a goal that was the product of some excellent teamwork from Gareth Southgate’s side, he continued to have something negative to say about the Spurs player, which caused Arsenal legend Wright to give him a pointed look.

The former Highbury striker believed that Kane needed to’really battle’ with the Senegalese players, and he felt that Kane did a good job of meeting those challenges.

In spite of Keane’s remarks, Wright made it a point to defend his fellow countryman in an interview with ITV Sport. [Citation needed]

Wright is quoted as saying, “I didn’t think he was sluggish there.” “I believe that he has been forced to engage in a real battle with some of them, Roy. That is the behavior that we expect from him.

“Once he is placed in that predicament…” Then we can be certain that he will get a goal. After that, Wright gives Keane an accusatory look as he continues.


It is the holiday season, but Keane is not known as the Grinch of Christmas; rather, he is known as the Grinch of the World Cup.

After making those comments about Kane, the pundit who was the happiest in the world went on to criticize the Brazilian players, led by Richarlison, for dancing during their celebrations after they scored and knocked South Korea out of the World Cup. Richarlison was the one who started the dancing.

That is what Brazil has been all about for the past several decades, and it is ingrained in their identity; however, the world has become such a complex and diverse place that even a simple smile has the potential to insult someone.

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