If the year is 2022, does Jenna Ortega have a boyfriend?

After starring in the new Netflix show Wednesday, Jenna Ortega has become the topic of conversation across the internet, and her fans are curious as to whether or not she has a boyfriend.

The new comedy horror series, which is based on the classic television show The Addams Family, features a young actor from California who is 20 years old and plays the lead role.

She has also appeared in You, Jane the Virgin, Scream, The Fallout, and a great number of other films and television shows, but Wednesday is what brought her to the forefront of public attention.

Since the first season of the show debuted, Jenna has amassed over ten million followers on Instagram and has become the newest sensation among young people.

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When 2022 rolls around, does Jenna Ortega already have a boyfriend?

As far as the general public is aware, the 20-year-old does not appear to be dating anyone at this time and is currently single.

The ins and outs of her romantic relationships

In 2018, rumors began to circulate that the actress was dating Asher Angel, who had previously appeared as Jonah Beck on the 2017 Disney Channel series Andi Mack and Billy Batson in the DC movie Shazam!

The rumors started after they attended the Just Jared Halloween Party together and dressed up as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, both of whom had previously been in relationships.

In addition, they frequently shared each other on social media, including their attendance at a fashion show, the premiere of the movie Venom, and a trip to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

After they were seen together in New York, she was also linked romantically to American singer Jacob Sartorius, and she made an appearance in the music video for his song “Chapstick.”

After Isaak Presley, Jenna’s on-screen brother from Stuck in the Middle, posted a sweet Instagram message to her in honor of her birthday, some people got the impression that Jenna and Isaak were dating in real life.

“Oh boy. The age of my younger sister is 17 Jenna, you have, without a doubt, impacted my life so much,” he wrote. “You are the most hardy and courageous girl, and I am so so proud of you,” she said.

The actress was not romantically involved with any of them.

On the other hand, Jenna clarified in an interview for the Just Between Us podcast in 2019 that she was never actually romantically involved with any of the men that her fans associated her with.

When she was asked to reveal the craziest thing she had read about herself, she responded that the false rumors that she was dating were the craziest things she had read about herself.

“Most likely relationships,” was her response. “The internet claims that I dated like six different guys, but in reality, I only dated one of them,” she said.

Concerning the rumors regarding Jacob Sartorius, Jacob was overheard saying to J-14 at the time, “We’re really good friends, and she’s really nice.

“The video shoot turned out to be a lot of fun. “We had good chemistry on camera and off,” he continued, confirming that they were just friends. “She’s really nice, so we had good chemistry on camera and off.”

Wednesday is regarded by Jenna as a lesbian and gay icon.

Wednesday has two male love interests in the Netflix series, but she doesn’t appear to be interested in either of them, which has led many people to believe that she is gay.

The fact that Jenna believes her character to be a gay icon due to the fact that she is a “badass” has not been verified by the show, but Jenna has stated publicly that she believes this to be the case.

She told Gayety that “She’s cool, she’s got a nice sense of style, but she’s somebody who embraces her differences and isn’t out to please anybody.” Gayety relayed this information to Gayety.

“That strikes me as being an extremely significant thing to be able to look at. I get the impression that people want to see powerful women spending time with other powerful women.

There is a strong possibility that the character is gay, as suggested by a line in the pilot episode in which Xavier asks, “Who’s the lucky guy? Or girl?” Wednesday’s response to Friday’s question was, “What does it matter to you?”

We’ll just have to watch the second season to find out what happens!

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