In “Fingers Crossed,” Lauren Spencer Smith Grooves Through the Ups and Downs of Love

If you are a fan of the television singing competition American Idol, then you probably remember Lauren Spencer Smith from her time on the show in the year 2020. The teenager, who was only 16 at the time, wowed the judges as well as the audience, and she has since parlayed that fame into a seriously impressive and groundbreaking musical career.

These days, Lauren has a number of songs that are certified as hits, and she is bringing her talents to one of the most prominent stages in the entertainment industry: the People’s Choice Awards. Indeed, Lauren is currently performing her breakthrough hit song “Fingers Crossed;” however, what does the title of the song actually refer to? Continue reading to find out the message that Lauren is attempting to convey to her audience through the song that has become a fan favorite.

What exactly does “Fingers Crossed” mean when it’s performed by Lauren Spencer Smith? The song deals with some difficult subjects.

On her song “Fingers Crossed,” Lauren delves deep into the age-old idiom that states that if you “cross your fingers,” it means that you don’t have to follow through on your word. Most people are familiar with this expression. In this song, the singer thinks back on a former flame and the good times they shared together in the past. Fans are given a comprehensive overview of the relationship through the song “Fingers Crossed.” It covers a wide range of topics, from Lauren confronting her partner’s issues head-on to a young couple’s hopes of traveling the world together and everything in between.

At the beginning of “Fingers Crossed,” there is evidence of a love that is just beginning to blossom. Lauren sings about how her partner “Introduced me to your family / Watched my favorite shows on your TV / Made me breakfast in the mornin’ / When you got home from work.”

The love story continues with the lyrics “Makin’ plans to travel ’round the world” and “Said we’d always put each other first” followed by “Old love songs we used to play to.” When Lauren sings the following line, “Funny, now I hate you,” the song immediately takes a sharp 180 degree turn in a very negative direction.

During the chorus, Lauren makes a fleeting reference to the things she has done in the past to assist her partner. She sings, “Now, I / Remember when you’d call me late at night / I gave you my hours and advice just tryna fix you,” but then she comes to the startling realization, “But now, I don’t even miss you anymore.”

At the end of the chorus, the name of the song is mentioned for the first time. Lauren sings, “I want all the tears back that I cried / All the hours spent givin’ advice on how to write your songs / All you did was prove me wrong / When you said you loved me / Well, you must’ve had your fingers crossed.”

At this point in the song, it is abundantly clear that Lauren has drawn a mental distinction between what once was and what is currently the case. Because of this, she is able to see all of her former partner’s many serious flaws.

It would appear that even her friends were aware that the partnership was doomed to fail in the long run. Next, Lauren sings, “Shoulda paid attention to my friends / Tellin’ me how bad it’s going to end,” which is a line from one of her songs. Isn’t it true that hindsight is always 20/20? The singer is making it abundantly clear that she is drawing a line in the sand at this point by sending a message to her former partner through lyrics such as “I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not” and “You don’t deserve the one thing that you lost.”

At the very end of the song, after Lauren has taken several opportunities to harmonize the song’s title, she delivers one final retort to her former partner. She sings, “I want all the tears back that I cried; all the hours spent giving advice on how to write your songs; all you did was prove me wrong,” and the lyrics are as follows: “I want all the tears back that I cried.” Lauren repeats the song’s message one last time before the end of the stirring anthem, which is as follows: “Wish you said you loved me when your fingers weren’t crossed,”

Now available on all of the most popular music streaming services is the song “Fingers Crossed.”

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