In light of the Panthers’ decision to release Baker Mayfield, his future with the team is uncertain

The narrative of high draft picks who fail to live up to their potential in the National Football League is as old as the league itself, and unfortunately, it appears as though Baker Mayfield may join that list of players. Baker played his first season of professional football for the Cleveland Browns before being dealt to the Carolina Panthers. Now, it has become public knowledge that Baker has been let go by the Panthers, and it is currently unknown where he will play in the future.

What ultimately became of Baker Mayfield?

After hearing that he had been let go, many football fans expressed an interest in gaining further comprehension of the factors that led to the decision.

“Following the announcement of the news, the interim head coach of the Panthers, Steve Wilks, stated that “this is a tough business.” “Being in this position, it was a difficult decision for me to make, but ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it was the best move for the team going forward.

After Baker found out that he would not be the backup quarterback for the team and would also be benched, Steve stated that the decision was one that was mutually agreed upon by both parties. Baker has the second-worst total quarterback rating of any quarterback who has been eligible for the position since the invention of the metric. This year, he ranks 520th out of 521 players who are eligible to play, so the decision to waive his contract makes sense when viewed from that vantage point. Baker finished his time with the team with a record of 1-5 and a total of six touchdowns as well as six interceptions.

When Steve was asked why Baker was unsuccessful in Carolina, he responded that the situation was more complicated than that.

Steve stated, “I wouldn’t say that he was unsuccessful.” I would say that things just did not go as planned. Even now, he’s a solid performer on the football field. Just like players and coaches, there are times when those people “just need a change.”

According to ESPN, a number of players for Carolina were taken aback by the move, and Baker himself was also taken aback to a certain extent.

These are the various rumors that have circulated regarding Baker’s future plans.

Following his release from Carolina, there has been much speculation regarding the next possible stop for the quarterback in his professional career. He will be placed on waivers and made available to the other 31 teams in the league; but, if he is not claimed by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m., he will be considered a free agent who is not subject to any restrictions.

It has been reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN that Baker will likely be claimed off waivers. At the moment, a number of teams are searching for an experienced quarterback to fill their roster spots.

After breaking his ankle in a game against the Dolphins, Jimmy Garoppolo, the starting quarterback for the 49ers, is going to miss the remainder of the season with an injury to his ankle. Because of his knee injury, Lamar Jackson will not be playing for the Ravens, therefore it is possible that they may also be looking to add someone to their lineup.

Even though Brock Purdy was playing quarterback for the 49ers in their game against the Dolphins, they were still able to put up a commanding showing. According to Schefter, it seems unlikely that Baker will end up playing for the 49ers.

The announcement of Baker’s departure from Carolina has caused many people to speculate over the length of time he will have left to continue his career as a starting quarterback in the National Football League (NFL). As a result of the harsh nature of the industry, the only quarterbacks who are able to maintain a starting position for an extended period of time are those who achieve consistent success.

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