In the year 2022, Steve-O’s infamous “drunk” baby tattoo story reappears on TikTok

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard Steve-O’s story about getting a highly inappropriate baby tattoo when he was “drunk;” it will never cease to leave you perplexed, and the comedian himself feels as though he crossed the line.

The body of the Jackass star is covered in a wide variety of tattoos, and with the exception of one, he does not regret getting any of them. TikTok has once again become home to a video in which a comedian describes the embarrassment he felt after getting a controversial design permanently tattooed on his body, and the clip can be viewed there.

The following is what he has to say about his well-known ostrich tattoo, which was once a baby.

How Steve-O got his controversial baby tattoo in the first place

Although it’s not unusual for drunk people to make questionable decisions, Steve is aware that there was a time when he went too far and ended up regretting it later.

In a TikTok, Steve explains that in 2006 he and his friends were talking about how they “never wanted to have kids.” This conversation took place while they were drinking a few drinks together.

As a result, the comedian made the decision to get a tattoo that looked like a “No Babies” sign and featured a baby in a circle with a slash through it.

However, as he drank more alcohol, his ideas continued to develop in new ways. He made the decision to put the “F” word before the word “Babies” in the document.

But the comedian didn’t want to get any more words tattooed on him for other people to read, so he came up with the crazy idea of getting an inappropriate tattoo of a man and a baby on his body instead.

Due to the offensive language that the comedian uses throughout the video, we have chosen not to embed it. If you are still interested in continuing, you can view it by clicking HERE.

Soon after, he began to second-guess his choice.

Steve said his whole agenda with the baby tattoo was to pull a “crazy stunt”, even though he knew when he was getting the tattoo that he was “crossing the line”. According to him, that was the primary motivation behind him obtaining it.

However, the comedian was unable to openly boast about it for reasons that are self-evident.

“As soon as I stepped foot outside of that tattoo parlor, this couple was walking down and they were excited to see me and I’m going to show them – ‘check out my new tattoo’,” he explains in the video. “As soon as I stepped foot outside of that tattoo parlor, this couple was walking down and they were excited to see me.”

It would appear that the couple was appalled by the tattoo. Steve continued by saying that “their face told me that I had actually made an extremely serious mistake.”

During the filming of Jackass number two, he was successful in concealing the tattoo by wrapping a bandana around his arm.

The original ink has been replaced with an ostrich.

Because he has since changed the design of his tattoo to that of an ostrich, the controversial tattoo of a baby is no longer visible on Steve.

“When I showed my buddy Bam Margera the coverup, he suggested that I make the baby look like an ostrich. And so we did. I commissioned Bam to draw the ostrich, and Kat Von D tattooed it; at that point, I considered the issue to be resolved, as he explained.

In addition to that, he bears one of his three self-portraits permanently affixed to the middle of his back in the form of a tattoo.

On his right forearm is a picture of him as a baby, and on his left hand is a caricature of himself as a cartoon. The other tattoo is on his forearm.

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