Is This the End for the “Jamal” Meme Face from TikTok? Now You Know

Satirical commentary on sociopolitical issues is one thing, but overt racism is quite another. That belongs to a completely different class. We are aware that your eyebrows are probably raised so high that they are touching the ceiling, but please bear with us while we explain. After making its debut in April of the same year, the “Jamal” meme eventually became so popular on TikTok that it completely dominated the market for short-form content during the month of October 2022.

After a robbery or an assault, the Jamal meme will typically involve some kind of suspect lineup, which can take the form of either a video with real people in it or a collection of photos that have been carefully chosen and pieced together. The final suspect is almost always a photo of a black boy named “Jamal,” who is actually the actor Abraham Clinkscales from “Boo! A Madea Halloween.” A handful of the suspects are often white, not to mention guilty, and the last suspect is almost always a photo of him. (It’s not entirely clear how he got dragged into this in the first place.)

It doesn’t matter if the white suspects are wearing ski masks and literally holding the stolen item(s) — whether they are paintings, a wallet, or “chicken from KFC” — in the end, innocent Jamal is always said to be the culprit. This happens despite the fact that the paintings could have been stolen by the white suspects.

Even though the meme’s creators intended for it to address issues of white privilege and outrageous racial stereotypes, some people took offense to it for reasons that are self-evident. Now, in the month of December 2022, the controversial story is still being told, as numerous individuals assert that Jamal has passed away. Let’s get ourselves involved in this muddle.

Don’t be concerned; the news of Jamal’s passing was an elaborate hoax.

As was previously mentioned, the iconic photo of Jamal is actually a picture of Abraham Clinkscales, an actor and athlete who is still very much alive today. Abraham is said to be 20 years old at this point, despite the fact that he appears to be a young boy with a baby face in the photo that went viral. And, you guessed it, he gets the Jamal joke.

Abraham is seen fleeing in a hilarious TikTok video uploaded on December 4, 2022, and the caption for the video reads, “after getting blamed for everything on TikTok.” He takes everything in stride.

Concerning this rumor about someone’s supposed death, where did it originate? A great number of TikTok users are currently uploading videos to the platform that feature an altered image of “Jamal” alongside a fabricated news headline that reads “Breaking News: Jamal was shot dead in Houston.” It is pretty obvious that Jamal’s death is a joke, albeit a sick joke, considering that one TikTok also features a video of Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) portraying his iconic American Psycho character, Patrick Bateman (who may or may not be a serial killer).

Be sure to check out the very much alive student from Albany State University’s contributions to TikTok, as he frequently participates in the “fun” that Jamal organizes.

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