Love Today: Streaming release date and instructions

When will Love Today be available for streaming on OTT services everywhere, and what are the steps to take to watch this excellent Tamil romantic comedy online?

Everyone enjoys a good story about an underdog, and in the film industry, this often takes the form of low-budget productions that go on to become huge hits at box offices around the world.

One example of such a tale is that of the Tamil-language romantic comedy “Love Today,” which had a budget of only five crores of rupees but still managed to earn an astounding seventy crores of rupees at theaters around the world.

Fans are counting down the days until the over-the-top (OTT) release, so here is a breakdown of when the Love Today premiere will be and how you can watch the romantic comedy online.

What exactly is the point of Love Today?

Love Today is a romantic comedy-drama that is performed in the Tamil language and was written, directed, and starred in by Pradeep Ranganathan.

The plot of the film follows Uthaman Pradeep, a software engineer in Chennai who is 24 years old and is involved in a committed relationship with Nikitha, one of his coworkers. The two have been together for a long time. One day, Pradeep goes to Nikitha’s deeply religious father Venu and asks for permission for the two of them to get married. Venu grants Pradeep and Nikitha’s request, but there is one condition that must be satisfied.

If Pradeep and Nikitha are still in love with each other after exchanging phones and passwords for a day, Venu will give his blessing for them to get married. If they are not still in love with each other, Venu will not give his blessing.

Unfortuitously, what the two discover on each other’s phones will put their relationship to the ultimate test. Will the pair be able to withstand the mistrust that will arise as a result of saving an ex-partner’s messages or adult film searches in browsing history?

“We’ve got the answer for everyone who’s ever wondered what would happen if they switched phones with their significant other, and we’re happy to share it with you.” – Caption from Love Today, courtesy of Netflix India

Love Today: An explanation of online video service streaming and the release date

Love Today is going to
Friday, December 2 is the debut date for Netflix’s over-the-top (OTT) streaming service around the world.

Although the exact time of release has not been established, the popular Twitter page Streaming Updates has provided an estimate.
that the movie will be made available at twelve in the morning IST time.

In order to watch Love Today on Netflix, you will need to have a current subscription. Netflix subscriptions are available in the following membership packages:
Mobile – Rs 149 a month, one mobile device at 480p resolution
The Basic plan costs 199 rupees per month and supports two devices at SD resolution.
Standard: four hundred and ninety-nine rupees per month for two devices with Full HD resolution
The Premium plan costs Rs 649 per month and includes four devices with a resolution of full 4K HD.

Love Today is approximately 154 minutes long when it is played in its entirety.

Fall in love with the captivating actors and actresses.

The following actors are featured in Love Today:
Pradeep Ranganathan as Uthaman Pradeep
Ivana as Nikitha
Raveena Ravi as Divya
Yogi Babu as Dr. Yogi
Sathyaraj as Venu Shastri
Raadhika Sarathkumar as Saraswathi
Akshaya Udayakumar as Shwetha
Adithya Kathir as “Olu” Baskar
Aajeedh Khalique as Revi
Prathana Nathan portraying the role of Namitha
Navin Krubhakar as Mamakutty

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