Lululemon Because she was told she couldn’t return worn items, Karen resorts to theft

Chanel, who posts on the popular social media platform TikTok under the handle @chaneljalice, is the user who uploaded a clip to TikTok that shows a Lululemon customer who she refers to as “Karen” getting into an altercation with an employee of the store.

Based on the way they communicated with one another, it appears that the individual in question, Karen, is attempting to steal new items from the establishment because the staff members wouldn’t let her return the used clothing that she had previously purchased. This is hinted at in the video’s caption as well as in a text overlay that is embedded in the video itself.

In the overlay, Chanel writes that “Karen is attempting to take items because she can’t exchange used clothes for new ones.”

“When you have to start recording because she was threatening to call the cops and put her hand in her face,” the caption reads.

Employee: I’m sorry to see you go, but this store is closing.

Karen: I am not leav-

W: Get out of my store, ma’am! I’m warning you that I’m not the person you want to engage in this activity with –

K:…receipt, could you please hand it to me?

W: Get out of my shop!

During this portion of the video, the patron can be seen moving to the opposite side of the counter as if she were going to walk behind it.

The employee keeps requesting that the woman leave the premises.

W: I want you to leave my store.

K: C’mon, guys.

W: Get out of here and stop trying to steal my stuff; I’m closing up shop. You’ve been told too many times, so please just leave my store.

K: I am unable to.

W: You are way past your prime at this point.

Another worker, most likely the person who is recording the whole event: “So you’re going to wait until she calls security before you leave?”

After that, the customer turns to the woman and requests that she return the items to her, saying, “Can you please give me that?” Earlier, before adding, “Fine, call Security. I’ll tell them what you’re doing,” he said.

The employee says to the customer once more, “Get out of my store.”

“No,” is the response the Karen gives.

After that, the customer makes an attempt to take the items back by reaching across the counter, but the employees are able to prevent her from doing so. After the employees repeatedly told the woman to leave the store and threatened to call Security several times, the woman eventually exited the establishment on her own volition.

The woman makes an attempt to steal the item, which looks like a winter hat, before leaving the store and going into the mall before leaving the store and going into the mall. The employees let out a series of loud “what the f***” exclamations, giving the impression that they are completely dumbfounded by the behavior of the customer that they have just observed.

Quite a few users on TikTok were perplexed as to what exactly was taking place in the video; however, another user named @thisisshelby provided a detailed explanation of everything that was going on.

She writes that “what are y’all not getting is that she had used spanx in the bag and tried to exchange them for new ones, but after being denied she did this.”

Do you have any thoughts on how the staff members dealt with Karen? Shouldn’t they have contacted security from the beginning and given them control of the situation? Do you believe that a client should be able to return an item of clothing, even if it has been worn? The shop allows customers to return items within 30 days of purchase; however, the returned item must be in “like new” condition.

It would appear from the language used in the TikTok that the items had obvious signs of wear, which is possibly the reason that the woman was denied a refund for the products she had purchased.

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