Season 20’s Finale Will Bring Delilah McGee Back to ‘NCIS’

During the first season of NCIS, Agent Timothy McGee, played by Sean Murray, was presented to the audience for the first time. Even though we were immediately impressed by his stellar technical abilities, he lacked the necessary level of self-assurance and experience to be able to lead a group of people.

However, over the course of the years, we have witnessed a rapid improvement in his abilities. After putting in a lot of effort to establish his credibility and climb the corporate ladder, he was rewarded with a promotion to the position of Senior Field Agent at the conclusion of Season 13.

In the meantime, we have witnessed the changes that have taken place in McGee’s private life. Delilah Fielding, who worked for the Department of Defense and was his girlfriend at the time, was portrayed by Margo Harshman and was introduced to the audience in Season 11 of the show. In addition to being one of the cutest and most nerdy couples in the history of television, McGee and Delilah are widely considered to be among the best federal agents who have ever served in the field.

After a number of years spent together as a couple, McGee finally worked up the nerve to pop the question to Delilah about becoming his wife. The fourteenth season’s penultimate episode featured the couple’s public wedding in front of their families, friends, and coworkers. The year after that, McGee and Delilah became parents for the first time, to a set of identical twins named Morgan and John.

Since that time, viewers of NCIS have only had one or two opportunities per season to see Delilah. The last time we got to spend time with her was at the beginning of Season 19, when a body was found on a cruise ship by none other than her mother, Judy. This was the last time we got to spend time with her.

Delilah will, to the delight of the audience, make another appearance in the season 20 fall finale, which will air on Monday, December 5th. According to the episode description, the “NCIS investigates the death of a college student who had connections to McGee’s wife.”

Fans don’t get to see Delilah very often, so it’s possible that some of them need a refresher on what happened to her. What medical conditions forces Delilah to use a wheelchair? And, in her everyday life, does the actress make use of one? Continue reading for further information.

What transpired that resulted in Delilah McGee, Timothy McGee’s wife, being rendered paralyzed?

In the thirteenth episode of Season 11, a celebration was held in honor of Delilah for the amazing work she had done in the fight against terrorism. Tragically, a terrorist decided that this unique occasion would be the ideal setting for his subsequent attack target. After receiving a call from Agent Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, McGee left the gala in order to take the call. He took the call outside. Almost immediately after he done so, a bomb went off, and Delilah suffered serious injuries as a result of a piece of shrapnel becoming embedded in her spine.

The terrible event unfortunately left Delilah with a permanent spinal injury, which led to her becoming paralyzed and requiring the use of a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She will never fully recover from this condition.

Gary Glasberg, the executive producer of NCIS, revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the victims who survived the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 served as inspiration for Delilah’s plot arc. Gary made these comments while participating in a Television Critics Association press tour “I remember watching a segment on the Today show, I believe, about a group of women who had really started to put the pieces of their lives back together again. The segment was about how they did it. I hoped that some of that may be conveyed in the show that we put together. Therefore, the purpose was and continues to be to demonstrate someone who comes from a government background and is involved in something tragic like this but manages to persevere despite it all.”

Delilah’s life began with obvious obstacles, such as the use of a wheelchair; however, as the episodes progressed, viewers witnessed Delilah rise above those obstacles and take charge of her life, in contrast to other people who might have allowed their disability to define them.

Does the actress Margo Harshman, who plays the role of Delilah, actually make use of a wheelchair in her daily life?

In reality, Margo Harshman does not have a disability that requires her to use a wheelchair, as she does not suffer from paralysis.

Fans of the actress can watch her on previous episodes of shows like The Big Bang Theory, Bones, and CSI to see her in those roles. Aside from the autumn finale of NCIS Season 20, Margo Harshman was most recently seen in an episode of the show How I Met Your Father, which is available on Hulu.

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