Several people have speculated about what may have happened when Anthony Davis abruptly left a game against the Lakers

Anthony Davis was forced to leave the game against the Cavaliers on December 6, 2022 early with symptoms that have been described as being similar to those of the flu. This came after two games in which he had scored a combined 99 points. Anthony did not come back into the game after leaving it after the first quarter and the team ultimately lost 116-102. He was only on the court for eight minutes before his symptoms forced him to leave the game, and he only managed to score one point during that time.

In the wake of his departure, what became of Anthony Davis?

Anthony’s symptoms, according to the coach of the Lakers, Darvin Ham, got progressively worse throughout the day. Darvin explained, “His temperature was somewhere around 101 and some change.” “A-D really wanted to give playing a shot, but he was feeling too weak. He is exhausted and lacking in fluids. That is an enormous blow, especially considering how well he has been performing as of late.

However, Darvin emphasized that Anthony has not tested positive for COVID-19 despite the fact that he is unlikely to play in the game that will take place on December 7 in Toronto.

“Because of COVID, people forget that there is a common cold and a common flu out there,” Darvin continued. “People forget that there is a common cold and a common flu out there.” “That is the issue that we are working to resolve here.”

Anthony has made it to the NBA All-Star game eight times, but he has only appeared in 76 games over the course of the last two seasons due to a variety of injuries. He played in four games over the course of the week and averaged 37.8 points, 13.0 rebounds, 3.0 assists, and 3.3 blocks. This performance earned him the title of NBA Western Conference Player of the Week.

The Los Angeles Lakers are working hard to turn around their season.

Following a rough start, the Lakers have gone 8-2 over their last 10 games in an attempt to salvage their season. Anthony had a total of 55 points in their victory over Washington on Sunday, and he had 44 points in their victory over Milwaukee the game before.

Even though Davis’s teammates did their best to pick up the slack that he left behind, the team was ultimately unable to come out on top against the Cavaliers due to Davis’s absence.

Thomas Bryant scored a career-high 19 points in his 28 minutes of play after he came in for Davis after James Davis had fouled out of the game. This was the most rebounds that LeBron James had ever collected in a road game during his lengthy career. However, in the end, the team was unsuccessful and was unable to find another spark comparable to the one that was provided by the 29-year-old player.

According to the Los Angeles Times, when asked about the challenge of replacing Anthony in the starting lineup, LeBron said, “That’s a tall task.” “In both a literal and a figurative sense.”

Even though it appears that Anthony’s symptoms can all be attributed to a regular seasonal flu at this point, Lakers fans are likely going to be closely monitoring his status as they continue to cling to the hope that their team can recover sufficiently to make a run into the post-season.

The Lakers are currently ranked 13th out of 15 teams in the Western Conference. Their record is still a loss, as they have only won 10 games while losing 13. As a result of this, they have a losing record. It goes without saying that they have a long way to go if they want to secure a spot in the playoffs, but they are working hard toward that goal. Although it is still early in the season, it is difficult to envision the Los Angeles Lakers going very far in the playoffs if they do not have Anthony Davis.

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