Someone who cost Arsenal £30 million was criticized for his behavior at the World Cup, with many saying, “The guy never learns.”

Granit Xhaka, a midfielder for Arsenal, was involved in a few heated exchanges during Switzerland’s epic 3-2 win over Serbia at the Qatar World Cup. According to Craig Burley, who was quoted by ESPN, Burley believes that Xhaka “never learns” from his mistakes.

The now-famous Arsenal star was involved in a number of feisty challenges throughout the game, even shaking the Serbia bench in the second half. This is typical behavior for Xhaka, who is becoming increasingly popular.

There were also a few handbags between the player, who was born in Basel but is of Albanian background, and the goalkeeper for Serbia, Vanja Milinkovic-Savic at one point in the game.

It should come as no surprise that the 30-year-old’s previous history with Serbia led to the outcome of the game, which was as it turned out.

However, the player who cost Arsenal £30 million (Sky Sports) had the last laugh because his team advanced to the knockout stages, whereas the Serbian team is currently on their way back home.

Although Burley, a former international for Scotland, believes that Xhaka has “improved,” he is not convinced that the player’s character has changed very much.

Burley stated, “I am not entirely certain that he is that intelligent.” You’re comparing a chameleon to a leopard, who never changes his spots. I’m aware of the progress he’s made at Arsenal.

“He got involved. To begin, I would say that the goalkeeper for Serbia was more responsible for it. However, your time here is up. You are now a more experienced player. When the keeper, the big guy who is 6ft7 starts man-handling you and all the other guys come in, then walk away. He got up and walked away, but then he returned. He left and then returned to the room. He wouldn’t stop coming back.

“By the way, when everything was organized and finished. as he was making his way back to the spot where the free kick would be taken. He had not yet finished his conversation with Mitrovic.

“That guy just never gets it, does he? He has made some improvements, but he has not learned anything.


Xhaka is back to making money for his country, and this time he’s doing it on the international stage, which comes as no surprise to anyone.

Fans of the club Arsenal used to scratch their heads and wonder why he was unable to maintain that level of play when he was playing for them.

Well, it’s happening now, and he’s just getting better and better as a result of the fact that he is one of many Arsenal players, including Bukayo Saka, who is shining bright on the World Cup stage.

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