Spurs legend Graeme Souness has praised Antonio Conte for his work in transforming a key member of the club’s roster

During ITV’s coverage of Brazil’s elimination of South Korea from the World Cup, Graeme Souness stated that Antonio Conte deserves credit for transforming new Tottenham player Richarlison from the player he had become while playing for Everton. Richarlison is now playing for Tottenham.

On Monday evening, Richarlison, who is 25 years old, brought his total at the World Cup to three goals by scoring one of Brazil’s goals in a rout of South Korea. The first goal was scored by Vinicius Jr., followed by a goal scored by Neymar off of a penalty, a goal scored by Richarlison, and a goal scored by Lucas Paqueta to bring the total to four.

South Korea was able to secure a late consolation point, and if we are being completely honest, they probably should have had more late in the game. However, Brazil played exceptionally well, and they have earned their spot in the quarterfinals, where they will meet Croatia. As Brazil’s number nine, Richarlison is doing very well for himself.

When asked about the signing made over the summer, Souness was effusive in his praise for Richarlison’s manager Conte. According to him, Richarlison was previously just a player who liked to dive and win fouls before the Italian got a hold of him. He believes that the Italian has completely transformed Richarlison.

Under Antonio Conte’s tutelage, he has developed into a different player. When I saw him play for Everton, he was a player known for intentionally falling to the ground for fun. I remember him. As a diver, he was known by the name. That is no longer an issue for him [at Tottenham] thanks to Antonio Conte.

“At this point in time, he is more likely to put in the effort required. So, fairplay to Conte, that is the demands he puts on players,” Souness said on Monday night, as a pundit on ITV Sport for Richarlison’s 4-1 win over Spurs teammate Son Heung-min.

Richarlison’s transformation is a testament to Conte’s coaching prowess, according to Souness.

The first few games that Richarlison has played for Tottenham have been satisfactory. Even though he has only scored two goals so far, Spurs are better off with him on the team because of his effort and because he gives them another option. At the very least, when he is in good shape, he relieves some of Harry Kane’s pressure.

However, Souness does have some valid points. He has Richarlison concentrating on the appropriate matters, such as his goals, positioning, and the tactical aspect of the game. This, rather than trying to win free kicks by diving or getting involved in pointless altercations with other players. He is one of the best players.

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