The Creator of TikTok Falls from Grace Quickly as His Misogynistic Past Comes to Light

We can’t express how relieved we are that the guys finally get it that those shirtless selfies aren’t for the ladies to look at. To tell you the truth, this raises a few questions. Now how about a guy cuddling some puppies while he plays the piano? Green flag. A man cradling a fish in his hand? Red flag. Is it a man preparing the fish? Green flag. And all of this success can be attributed to TikTok.

TikTok has finally educated the guys on the concept of the “female gaze,” which is just one of the many reasons why we love this app so much. And we believed that we had discovered a man in the creator @strangek3vin who was capable of comprehending the task. However, we were in the wrong. Totally incorrect.

To begin, what exactly is the “female gaze,” and how is it connected to the character of Strange Kevin?

The phrase “female gaze” was first developed by feminists in reference to Hollywood and the general lack of representation of women in film. The term is described by Oxford as “the perspectives that women and girls hold regarding other women and men, as well as the objects and events that exist in the world. This relates to the different ways in which people are looking, as well as how the ways in which people are looking may be connected to identification, objectification, subjectivity, as well as the performance and construction of gender.”

The term “female gaze” is most commonly used to refer to how a woman sees the world today, and more specifically on TikTok, it refers to how women view men as opposed to how men think women view men. Now enter TikTok and Strange Kevin.

What became of the mysterious user known as Strange Kevin on TikTok?

On TikTok, Strange Kevin was well-known for creating sketch videos as well as reaction videos; however, that account has since been deleted. Strange Kevin used to go by the handle @strangek3vin on TikTok. Recent viral success came his way when a short video of him perfectly captured the female gaze. Strange Kevin continues to post on Instagram and upload videos to YouTube using the same username.

It’s all good. Now what is the controversy surrounding Strange Kevin?

The controversial post is dissected by the creator @centennialbeauty, who explains that:

“After videos from his past were made public again, Kevin is now facing a significant amount of backlash. It is possible to see him in the videos acting out various scenarios of domestic violence, such as pretending to beat up his girlfriend for getting pregnant and pretending to smack his girlfriend against the table. It is extremely graphic as well as highly inappropriate.”

The creator, @ziora.exe, spliced together multiple of these extremely disturbing sketches of Strange Kevin acting out the violent scenarios. However, this is not the end of the story because the creator @auntkaren0 discovered a (trigger warning) TikTok of a girl who had a negative experience with him.

Aunt Karen also discovered that Strange Kevin had a Discord server, which has since been removed, that allows minors to join. People are giving themselves introductions, including their ages, locations, and even pictures of themselves. All of this indicates that Strange Kevin is receiving uncensored pictures of underage people being sent to him.

Strange Kevin responded to some of the allegations in a live broadcast, declaring in an extremely adamant manner that he was not the person in the video saying that “This is such a terrible look. Not only are you attacking the gay man, but you are also confusing him with another Arab man. This is a crazy look, bro. This is just a fucking awful way to present yourself.” In essence, Strange Kevin is labeling as “racist” and “homophobic” those those who hold the belief that it is real.

This reaction video gave me the impression that I was being gaslit. How quickly Strange Kevin’s 15 minutes of fame have turned to notoriety.

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